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£1.25*/KG to Pakistan & AJK

*Rates for weight 50KG Minimum

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Cheap Cargo To Pakistan
Cheap Cargo to Pakistan
Pakistan Cargo 4u is your number one online destination to get the cheapest shipping rates to Pakistan.
Door to Door Courier Service
Door to Door Courier Service
If you want your package to get to Pakistan quicker, use our exceptional door-to-door service to send cargo to Pakistan.
Send Gifts to Pakistan
Send Gifts to Pakistan
You can also send gifts to Pakistan at the cheapest rates online using our excellent service.
Air Cargo to Pakistan
Air Cargo to Pakistan
Send your air cargo online from the UK to Pakistan at the lowest rates.
Send Parcels to Pakistan
Send Parcels to Pakistan
If you want to send parcels to Pakistan on time and in a swift manner, then Pakistan Cargo 4u is your number one choice.
Customer Focused Service
Customer Focused Service
Pakistan Cargo 4u aims to provide its clients with the best customer experience, and we deliver exceptional service at affordable rates.

Shipping To Pakistan from the UK, Quick Service at Low Price

Welcome to Pakistan Cargo 4U, your reliable partner for all your shipping needs from the UK to Pakistan. We specialise in cargo from the UK to Pakistan, providing an unmatched, cost-effective solution connecting people and businesses across borders. At the heart of our service is Pak cargo, a robust infrastructure designed to handle your parcels with care, speed, and efficiency. With us, sending a package to Pakistan has never been more accessible or affordable.

Our 'door-to-door cargo' service ensures a seamless experience for our customers. We are committed to making the process of shipping to Pakistan from the UK as simple and hassle-free as possible. Our dedication is to provide a cargo service to Pakistan that is not just about transporting goods but bridging distances and bringing families, friends, and businesses closer.

Cargo to be shipped Pakistan Cargo 4u is proud to be the most reliable, flexible and cost effective service to clients across the UK for sending cargo and gifts to Pakistan, Mirpur and Azad Kashmir. Our freight services can be tailored to meet your needs and requirements. Our air cargo & sea cargo services are the best and the cheapest as well as quick. Pakistan Cargo 4u is the leading company for shipping to Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.

Best Company for Pak Cargo

Cargo to Pakistan We are an independent Pak cargo company which means our courier services can easily be customized according to your needs. Pakistan Cargo 4u can help in your shipping of goods even if you are sending it for the first time or you send luggage regularly. Our innovative operational techniques make it possible for us to give our customers the best shipping procedure and gain immediate success.

Excellent Customer Service

Pakistan Cargo 4u delivering Shipment in Pakistan Our efficient and customer oriented service means we are committed to customer satisfaction with each service. We have global experience and industry knowledge of air and sea cargo which enables us to deliver unbeatable services. Our friendly sales team are dedicated to helping you discover the most cost-effective and practical shipping solution for your international baggage. We have customer satisfaction as our number one priority hence we work alongside you and make sure your cargo gets to Pakistan on time. Pakistan Cargo 4u is your number one destination to send cargo, excess baggage and gifts to all over Pakistan as well as Azad Kashmir.

Modes of Shipping to Pakistan from UK

Door to Door Cargo delivered to Pakistan Customer receiving his Cargo in Pakistan Shipment delivered Successfully

To transport goods in containers or small sized parcels there are two major routes that senders can choose. Either sea shipping or air cargo to Pakistan from UK. The cheapest rates are offered to clients; and for that sources are brought in use very sensibly. To send gifts and parcels, pick up from home in UK and delivery at doorstep is offered without any extra charges.

Air Cargo Services from UK to Pakistan

But documents need to be prepared and handed provided by the client for in time dispatch. The fastest channel is sending by air cargo but rates could be higher than the other means used for the same purpose.
Online shipping quote facility is another advantage, all you need to do is fill in the form above and you can get the quote for your shipment.


How Long Does It Take by Air Cargo?

Container being filled for sea cargo The biggest advantage of sending your stuff by air is that it only takes 7-10 working days. So if you need your cargo to be delivered fast, air cargo is the best option.


What is the Air Cargo Price to Pakistan?

Our air cargo to Pakistan rates are the cheapest in the UK. Depending on the weight, our rates start from £6.50 - 15 kg Minimum.


Sea Shipping to Pakistan

Sea cargo to Pakistan is the most commonly used service for shipping to Pakistan. Thanks to the cheapest costs and ability to ship any odd-shaped items from furniture to machinery. The most commonly used sea cargo ensures lowest possible rates and safety is assured by the handlers.
Without any hidden cost parcels can be sent
door to door from anywhere in UK to anywhere in Pakistan. You can get regular updates of your shipment from our customer services department in office hours.


How long does it take for a parcel to reach Pakistan by sea?

Parcels through sea routes reach in 5-6 weeks but at a rate that is quite incredible for a faraway destination like Pakistan. Sometimes there is limit of minimum weight to book a cargo shipment and all commercial parcels easily qualify to that standard. Delivery throughput Pakistan is available for our customers’ satisfaction.


What is Sea Cargo Cost from UK to Pakistan?

Sea cargo charges vary according to items booked and the total weight. However, the cheapest sea cargo price from Pakistan is £1.25 - 50 kg Minimum. Bags and boxes are collected by the team are sealed in front of the senders. They also have weighing scale so that accurate weight and charges can be calculated.


Freight Forwarding to Pakistan for Business Shipments

Fast Cargo delivery from UK to Pakistan.jpg We offer the best freight forwarding service for our business customers. We have all the options for commercial shipment including air freight and all types of sea freight services from UK to all ports of Pakistan, e.g. LCL, FCL or RORO. Like any modern freight forwarding agency, Pakistan Cargo 4u keeps innovating and adding modern technology in order to remain the best in the lot. Our ultimate goal of any endeavor is to make it best for our clients.
Providing the feel of care to customers is necessary and our staff is fully trained to interact in a decent manner. Forecasted increase in trade between Britain and Pakistan will definitely increase goods transport and because of growing middle class more foreign products will be welcomed in the country. Pakistan Cargo 4u is your number one destination to send commercial shipments of all sizes and shapes from UK to Pakistan at the cheapest online prices.

We promise to provide 'cheap cargo to Pakistan' without compromising quality. We understand the importance of affordability, so we've made it our mission to offer the 'cheapest way to send parcels to Pakistan from the UK. Whether you're sending a gift, business merchandise, or personal belongings, our affordable package to Pakistan options are designed with you in mind, providing value for money and peace of mind with every shipment. Welcome to the future of cargo – welcome to Pakistan Cargo 4U.

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