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Cheapest Shipping of LED, LCD & Plasma TV to Pakistan

Send LED, LCD & Plasma TV to Pakistan

How to Send LED, LCD and Plasma TV from UK to Pakistan

Pakistan is a country where sending cargo was really difficult in the past but that has been made very easy in the past few years when multi-national companies entered the cargo industry. A population of over 200 million means that Pakistan is a big cargo industry, and that is why the big players have entered this logistics market.

Why people Import TVs from Abroad

There a plethora of people in Pakistan who import a lot of electronic products from abroad each year. Some people do it as part of an import-export business, while some just import products for their personal use. The local products manufactured in Pakistan are not of high quality sadly. People are very conscious about the quality of products they use. So, they tend to import goods from abroad for their personal usage and for some, their relatives in UK send electronics to Pakistan for them.

As far as TVs are concerned, a lot of people import them as some variants of TVs are not available in the local market. So, people import TVs from abroad so that they can use these products. Those using TVs for personal usage have them imported from abroad via their relatives. For Example, a lot of people living in Azad Kashmir are sent many products as gifts from their relatives living in the UK.

Proper Packaging of TVs is Compulsory
Send TV to Pakistan from UK

While sending some stuff from one place to another, packaging is probably the most important thing. It was not that difficult to package CRT TVs, which were bigger and robust but since the arrival of LCD and LED TVs, packaging of TVs has become more complex.

Screen is the most sensitive part of a TV. Even a little bump or a small crack will definitely damage the screen. So, it is necessary to care of the TV during its journey. The TV should be properly packaged in a cardboard box, and effort must be made to ensure that the TV doesn’t move inside the packaging.

The box should be properly bubble wrapped and taped to guarantee that no one opens the product. Bubble wrapping is important because during the shipping, even if the product is thrown anytime during the journey from one place to another, it stays completely safe. After that, the next important objective is choosing an efficient cargo service.

Best Attributes of a Cargo Company
Door to Door Delivery

When we choose a company able enough to transport our goods from one place to another, we see several key factors in deciding the best cargo company for us. A good courier to Pakistan company is reliable, efficient, affordable, transparent and honest about what they do.

There are several companies which do not allow transportation of TVs. Companies like TNT do not ship TVs at all, while UPS and some other companies have set a 32-inch limit of the size of TVs one can ship at max.

Pakistan Cargo 4u is the best cargo service for Pakistan if you want to transport your TVs from the UK to Pakistan. We allow sending of TVs of all sizes and dimensions. We ensure that whether you send your TV by airmail or sea cargo, your appliance will remain safe and secure during its journey. You will get the best services at the most affordable and convenient price.

LCD TV Ready to be Shipped TV Being Packed for Delivery to Pakistan TV Shipping to Pakistan

All types of Used and New TVs Shipped

Send LED to Pakistan

Send the latest new or used LED TV to your loved ones in Pakistan from UK. We offer safe and secure delivery to all areas of Pakistan from your address in UK.

Send LCD to Pakistan

The cheapest online rates on LCD shipping to Pakistan from UK. The fastest delivery mechanism means we won't be beaten on delivery timings so contact us now.

Send Plasma Tv to Pakistan

When it comes to shipping plasma TVs to Pakistan from UK securely and safely. We offer the best rates in the industry, so contact us now for delivery all over Pakistan.


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