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Door to Door Delivery of All Electronics & Kitchen Appliances

Electronics Shipping Pakistan Cargo 4u has exclusively started electronics cargo to Pakistan and Azad Kashmir from UK. We offer door to door cargo services for your electronics items from anywhere in UK to any area of Pakistan. We are your first choice for the cheapest delivery of your valuables at your door step anywhere in Pakistan.

We offer cheapest shipping of electronic items like TVs, laptops, mobile phones, camcorders, sound systems, IPods, IPads, theatres, generators to Pakistan. To find out how much will it cost to deliver you item or items to Pakistan, please fill in the form above.

All types of Used and New Electronics Shipped

Send Laptop to Pakistan

If you want to send a laptop to Pakistan quicker, then use our excellent shipping service to send laptop to Pakistan. Collection from any address in the UK and delivery anywhere in Pakistan.

Send Washing Machine to Pakistan

You can also send washing machine to Pakistan at cheapest shipping rates. Our swift and safe delivery mechanism means your washing machine is delivered to the address in Pakistan securely.

Send Mobile Phones to Pakistan

Send used or new mobile phones from UK to Pakistan at the cheapest shipping prices. Secure and on time mobile shipping from your door in the UK to the given address anywhere in Pakistan.

Send Referigerator to Pakistan

If you want to send refrigerator to Pakistan from UK, then we are the best option. We are the most efficient cargo service for sending fridges, freezers and refrigerators. Secure & timely delivery.

Send Cookers/Ovens to Pakistan

If you are looking for excellent rates on cooker or oven shipping to Pakistan from UK with timely delivery then Pakistan Cargo 4u is your number one choice. Fill in the form below to get a quote now.

Send Microwaves to Pakistan

We aim to provide the best customer experience to its clients when microwave oven shipping to Pakistan from UK. The cheapest rates on microwave shipping from UK to Pakistan, contact us now.

Send Dishwashers to Pakistan

Pakistan Cargo 4u offers the best rates online to ship dishwashers to Pakistan. Contact us for the most cost-effective rates and services online for dishwasher shipping to Pakistan from UK.

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