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How to send your Electronic Appliances from UK to Pakistan?

Pakistan is one of the biggest countries in Asia with respect to population. The total population of Pakistan is over 200 million. More than 1.2 million Pakistanis live in the UK, which is the biggest Pakistani population anywhere in Europe. Most of this population belongs to the Mirpuri Pakistani group, who came to the UK due to the Mangla Dam.

Sending mail to Pakistan is very easy these days. But, a lot of conditions have to be checked before sending your cargo to Pakistan. In case of electronic appliances, special care is needed while transporting these sensitive devices.

Why People Use a Courier Service to Pakistan for Electronic Appliances?

Cheapest Shipping of Electronic Items

There are many electrical appliances which are not generally available in some countries. In a country like Pakistan where a lot of foreign products do not get released, the people, who are crazy for electronic stuff either buy products online or have it sent by their relatives living abroad.

Secondly, latest technologies do not often get released in Pakistan. So, people tend to import them for their personal usage. This requires using a reliable and efficient courier service to Pakistan, which will not only carry the product to your destination but will also guarantee the safety of your product during its transportation.

Why Door to Door Service for Electronics is Important?

Door to Door Delivery of All Electronics

Door to Door service really comes in handy as far as electronic appliances are concerned. If someone wants to ship a TV or a Laptop or any delicate electronic stuff, it is difficult for him to carry that appliance directly to the shipping office. The better thing would be having his package picked up by the parcel service from his doorstep, doing the proper packaging, and sending the item for delivery.

Packaging of Electronic Appliances is as important as Delivery

If you are sending electronic devices from one place to another, the packaging done on them is of paramount importance. Even a slight carelessness in packaging can end up damaging the electronic appliance, and will cause a severe loss to you.

There are many different types of electronic devices. The most common electronic appliance that people send from UK to Pakistan is a laptop. Sending a laptop from the UK to Pakistan is not that difficult but one must be careful in packaging the laptop appropriately to avoid damage to the device.

One thing that might cause problems while transporting the laptop is the battery. Lithium Ion batteries are used in laptops, and they demand extreme care while packaging them as they are very flammable. There were severe limitations as to what size battery can be sent via a courier service but smaller size batteries are now allowed to be sent from the UK to Pakistan.

Electronics Shipping to Pakistan

The screen is probably the most delicate part of a laptop or any other appliance which contains a screen. A foamy material should be placed inside the laptop when it is folded to prevent the screen from getting scratched. The cardboard box casing should also be a tight fit for the laptop so that it doesn’t move inside the box. Loose packaging will damage the laptop from the outside.

The second most commonly transported electronic appliance is TV. The days of CRT Monitors have long gone, and TVs these days have huge screens with a thin width. So, this makes them even more vulnerable to hits or damages. Even a slight hit can crack the screen, and your TV will be dead.

The screen of the TV should be protected from cracks or bumps. The TV should be properly packaged in a box, which should be a tight fit with the TV. This will ensure that the TV will not move inside the box during its transportation.

The third most common electronic appliance which is sent as a gift from the UK to Pakistan is a smartphone. The smartphone should be packaged in a box with a tight fitting. It should also be properly sealed and taped so that no one from the outside can get access to your electronic device. All of your electronic appliances like laptops, TV and mobile phones should be properly taped and sealed for added protection.

Packaging of Kitchen Appliances
Electronic Items to Pakistan from UK

If you want to send kitchen appliances from the UK to Pakistan, you can always send it by using Pakistan Cargo 4U. However, the packaging of kitchen appliances is very important. Kitchen appliances like Ovens, Dishes and Dishwashers should be properly packaged to avoid damage to them. Even a little bump can break the dishes and cups, and you’ll be at a loss.

Initial packaging is the duty of the customer. But, here at Pakistan Cargo 4U, we will package all of your kitchen stuff in the best possible way to ensure that they are not damaged and stay safe during the journey to its destination.

Other household appliances like ACs, Refrigerators and washing machines also require a lot of care while packaging. This makes sure that your items will remain secure and not get damaged during their journey.

A Reliable Courier Service Makes Things Easier
Send Electronics to Pakistan from UK

After the parcel to Pakistan has been packaged properly and been made ready for sending, the most important thing is choosing a door to door courier service which will not only carry your item from your doorstep but will also deliver it with efficiency to your desired destination.

Pakistan Cargo 4U is the best courier company which provides extremely good door to door cargo services. We will pick the item from your doorstep, carry it to our shipping point and deliver the item at the doorstep of your desired destination.

The services we provide are reliable, efficient and cheap. The sign of a good courier service is that it provides the best services at a very affordable price. Pakistan Cargo 4U prides itself in being the pioneer courier service which provides ideal services to its customers, and that is why we have thousands of satisfactory clients, who keep coming to us again and again for getting the best cargo services.

Providing Good Customer Support
Electronic Toys Ready to be Shipped to Pakistan

The least that a courier company can do for its customers is providing them good support for their queries. If a problem occurs during the transportation, it is the duty of the company to let its clients know about it. The support should be timely and very helpful to the customers as it improves customer satisfaction.

A good courier service is always reliable, honest and transparent to its customers. Failing to adhere to the customer demands will result in the loss of customers. The representatives of the company should always be ready to listen to what their customers have to say, and should also listen to their feedback very carefully so that the company can keep improving.

Pakistan Cargo 4U is the pioneer when it comes to providing good customer service. We make sure that our clients are happy and satisfied with our services. We are transparent and honest to our customers about everything, and that is the reason why thousands of clients trust us with their valuables. Feel free to contact us with your queries. We’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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