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If you are looking to send cargo to Pakistan from United Kingdom. There are many options but it is important to find a reliable and fast services provider. Pakistan Cargo 4U has earned the trust of their respective customers by providing brilliant service for many years. Our services are fast, reliable and trust worthy. You can book the services online or over the phone and be sure of a flawless service.

History of Maritime Transport

Maritime transport is one of the oldest established industries in the world. It has a rich history of thousands of years and started with barter system which makes it even older than the monetary system. Today, ocean trade and transport are the leading form of transportation that is responsible for around 90% of the global trade. It is estimated that seaborne trade is estimated at around 14 trillion yearly worldwide.

Industry has progressed at an amazing pace in last few decades and has increased its capacity to shift colossal amounts of cargo at breath-taking speeds.

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Sea Cargo to Pakistan

There is a large population of Pakistani origin currently residing in United Kingdom. They have strong ties back home and not only go for regular visits back to Pakistan but also send lots of cargo to Pakistan on regular basis. If you just go a few decades back in history, sending cargo to Pakistan was extremely lengthy and complicated process. With the introduction of the reliable and specialized companies such as Pakistan Cargo 4U, it is now possible to send the cargo back to Pakistan without any hassle and in quick times.

For smaller cargo items, air cargo is considered the best and fastest choice but if you are sending bulk items or larger quantity items than sea cargo is economical and safer option. Specialized companies that only deal with cargo routes towards Pakistan have now devised the SOPs that are extremely helpful and streamlined. They can send cargo cheaper and faster and safer than ever before.

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Door to Door Service

With the passage of time, it was possible for us to provide more and more convenient services while sending cargo to Pakistan. One of the best services that we offer is our door to door cargo service which means we can collect your cargo from your doorstep in United Kingdom and take it to our ware house. We recheck the packing to make sure it is according to international packaging standards. Send the cargo to Pakistan and deliver it at the doorstep of the recipient.

Why Choose Pakistan Cargo 4U?
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Our experience is what makes us stand out from the competition. We have been successfully delivering the cargo from United Kingdom to Pakistan for over two decades. Our staff are pleasant and professional and are always eager to help. Our rates are most affordable on the internet and we carry absolutely no hidden charges. Once you book our services, we take responsibility of each and every aspect of the process and you leave everything to us. We have established an extended network of local suppliers within Pakistan that has enabled us to deliver any cargo in any city or corner of Pakistan at will. We also have a proven network to collect the cargo from any city within United Kingdom.

We make sure that your cargo does not spend a day more than necessary at our ware house and use our extensive network to book it by air cargo or ship as soon as possible. Our warehouses are scattered all over United Kingdom to keep the cargo until it is due to be sent over. We are one of the most reliable cargo services operating in the United Kingdom at the moment.

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Availability of Live Tracking

We provide a unique tracking number at the time of the booking to each customer. You can go on our application and once you login, you can enter the tracking code and know the exact location of your cargo. We take care of the customer’s trust and want to maintain it. We make sure to update the information timely so that our customers can get current status of the package. To Pakistan from UK things were kept at hold for a while due to COVID situation but slowly the situation is getting back to normal. So, for now we are operating carefully and as fast as possible. With the tracking number in hand, you can be sure of the progress of your cargo and worry less about the whereabouts.

We can go on and on about our brilliant services but the real way of knowing the difference that we make is by booking our services and experiencing first hands by yourself. Our efficient, professional and fast service is good enough to make you feel special and it is enough to make you believe that your valuable cargo is in safe hands.

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Why Choose Us?

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