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£1.25*/KG to Pakistan & AJK

*Rates for weight over 50KG

Cheapest Door To Door Cargo from UK to Pakistan

Door Cargo to Pakistan at Cheap Prices

Sending cargo to Pakistan is very easy these days. There are a variety of cargo companies offering their services at a cheap price and providing a quick delivery. With the advancement in technology, cargo services have drastically improved. The improvements in transportation facilities has also contributed a great deal to effective cargo services around the world.

There are a lot of things that should be kept in mind before choosing an efficient cargo service. It depends on the situation one is in. There are a variety of things that need to be thought of like how much time the cargo service would take, how they do the packaging of your stuff, do they deliver by sea cargo or airmail and how much they charge for your stuff.

What is Door to Door Cargo?

Door To Door Cargo Service

Door to Door cargo service is getting more and more popular these days. It means picking the item from the house address of the client, and delivering it to the home of the person to whom the product is being sent to. It provides convenience to the customers and is highly reliable.

Door to Door courier shipping is one of the most common ways of delivering a shipment to the customer. The customer is free from all kinds of hassling with the customs and other freight container suppliers. The cargo company is responsible for picking the stuff from your door, sending your cargo to the other delivery place, and then finally delivering your product to the other customer.

Door to Door cargo delivery is not a very easy process. It is a very complex in which an item goes through various stages. Firstly, cargo item is picked from your door and is sent to the local shipping office.

Then, it is sent to the shipper for loading the item in the container. After that, the insurance of cargo is done and the required documentation is done for exporting the cargo in another country which is the product destination. Then, the appropriate route for sending the cargo is chosen like rail route, road, airmail or sea cargo shipping.

After that, the container is received at the port of unloading point and is readied for further shipping. Then, after custom clearance is done, the item is sent to the local shipping point of the destination, and the item is distributed to the door of the customer.

Our Door to Door Cargo to Pakistan

Door To Door Cargo to Pakistan

Pakistan Cargo 4U is the best door to door cargo delivery service you can get. We can send your items to a house, golf course or any office within Pakistan from any destination in the UK. We offer a wide variety of services to our customers for pickup and delivery.

We are a reputed company that always puts its customers first over profits. We have a great team which we have hired with utmost care, which has great experience and skills to provide the best services to its customers.

We are guaranteed to protect your most expensive valuables. The only thing you need to do is trust our character, performance and the skills we have to serve you in the best possible way. The experienced team we have will do its best to provide you the best services.

We give you two choices; if you are in a dire need to transport your goods in urgency, you can use our air cargo service. If you have some time up your sleeves, you can go for our sea shipping service which will be cheaper than airmail but will take more time to deliver.

Pakistan Cargo 4U offers an extraordinarily convenient door to door service. We will pick your goods up from your door side in the UK, and transport it into any area of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir. We have our offices in all parts of the UK and provide the quickest and customer prioritized courier services.

We have an extremely experienced and professional staff who works 24/7 to deliver your valuables from any area of the UK to any part of Azad Kashmir. You can use our specialized packages for our customers which you can use to send gifts and other stuff to your loved ones depending on the kind of stuff you are sending.

Door to Door Delivery by Air

Door to Door Delivery by Air

Here at Pakistan Cargo 4U, you can send your cargo by airmail with us. Our experienced team will pick the item up from your doorstep, and do its best to protect your valuables and transport it to the door of your desired destination. Airmail service is very quick and convenient, and if you want to send a parcel urgently, we recommend choosing our mail by air service.

Pakistan Cargo 4U is the best online portal if you want to send your parcel with us via air. Airmail doesn't require any specific lengthy period of time to deliver. The main disadvantage of airmail is that it is very expensive as compared to sea cargo but it is more efficient and secure.

Door to Door Shipping to Pakistan by Sea

Door to Door Delivery by Sea

If you have some time up your sleeves and are willing to wait for some time, you can send your courier via sea cargo. You can avail our special customer packages on sea cargo. Sea cargo is cheaper than airmail but it takes more time to deliver. So, if you have got some spare time and can wait for your luggage to arrive, the best option for you is to avail our sea cargo service.

Advantages of Door to Door Shipping

The biggest advantage of door to door shipping is convenience. If you are sending your courier via a traditional mail service, you have to go to its office and submit your parcel there. After that, the parcel will reach the desired destination. In some cases, the receiving person might also have to go to the pick-up location on his own.

This process is very hassling. Door to Door service means you’ll book your cargo order online. One of our team members will come to your doorstep and pick up the courier. After that, your parcel will be deposited to the doorstep of the address you gave while ordering. This is a very easy and hassle free process.

Cost of Door to Door Shipping

Pakistan Cargo 4U provides the cheapest UK to Pakistan air cargo rates in the UK. The rates for airmail are £3.49/KG, which depends on the overall weight. Airmail is a bit expensive than sea cargo but it is quicker, and your item is delivered in a swift time period.

Sea cargo takes more time to reach your intended destination but it is cheaper. The price varies according to the size and total weight of your courier. We charge a rate of £1/KG. We also make sure that all of your items weigh precisely so that we can give you the most accurate price for your product.

What Items Can be shipped?
All over UK to All over Pakistan

The best thing about Pakistan Cargo 4U is that we support a variety of items that can be sent via courier. We guarantee full privacy and security of your product during its journey, and ensure that the product does not get damaged while it’s being transported. You can send all kinds of electronic devices like Fridge, AC and washing machines. You can also send Microwave Ovens and Deep Freezers etc.

You can also send some technological stuff like laptops, mobile phones and TVs. There are some cargo companies which do not allow sending electronic devices like the TV because TV is a very sensitive device. One small knock and the screen could crack. But instead of doing something to improve its protection, those companies prohibit the transportation of TVs.

We, at PakstanCargo4u ensure that your TV will be safely transported from the UK to all parts of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir. We take special care of your product while sending it, so rest assured and trust us with your products as we guarantee the safety of your valuables.

Shipping All Over Azad Kashmir
Delivered to All Over Azad Kashmir

Pakistan Cargo 4U is the best courier service to send your stuff from UK to all parts of Azad Kashmir. We are the pioneer cargo service for sending your gifts, electronic devices and other household stuff to every part of Azad Kashmir. From a city to a small town, we’ll make sure that your product is delivered safely.

There are not many door to door cargo services which support shipping to far flung areas in Azad Kashmir. Some companies do support door to door cargo to Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and some other big cities of Pakistan but for Azad Kashmir, you wouldn’t see a lot of door to door cargo companies. Pakistan Cargo 4U delivers to all parts of Azad Kashmir and makes sure that all of your valuables reach your desired destination safely and securely.

Prohibited Items for Cargo

Though Pakistan Cargo 4U supports sending a lot of items as part of its courier service, there are still a lot of items that are now allowed to be sent anywhere. All kinds of animals are strictly banned from sending by cargo. All kinds of firearms, weapons and explosives are prohibited as well.

Aerosol cans and sprays are banned as well. Engines, generators, fire extinguishers, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, antiques, cash money, life jackets and materials which are hazardous are strictly banned from being sent via our cargo service.

How Long Does it Take from Pick Up to Delivery?
Fastest door to door delivery from UK to Pakistan

Pakistan Cargo 4U is the best service to send your mail to Pakistan from the UK. If you are sending via air, it only takes between 7 to 10 days. Air cargo is the best option if you want your mail to be delivered quickly.

If you are sending your courier via sea cargo, usually it takes between 60 to 70 days to send cargo from UK to South Asian countries. But, Pakistan Cargo 4U makes sure that your cargo will reach Pakistan in 5 to 6 weeks.

Pakistan Cargo 4U Trusted by Thousands

Pakistan Cargo 4U is the number one cargo service company to send all kinds of cargo to Pakistan and Azad Kashmir. Your courier will be safe and secure with us during delivery, and we will ensure that everything goes smoothly.

We always prioritize the satisfaction of our customers, and that’s why thousands of customers have been showing faith is us over the years. We are the pioneer company as far as cargo to Pakistan is concerned, and we hope that it will be a wonderful experience for you as well.

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