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Groupage shipments to Pakistan from UK at cheap rates

Groupage shipping

How to do Groupage Shipping from the UK to Pakistan?

Groupage shipping is part of the LCL shipping. LCL stands for “Less than Container Load”. In LCL, you do not have the rights to use the whole container for yourself for transporting your goods. If you are only sending a few pallets which will not fill the entire container, then freight forwarders will offer you the option of LCL. Pakistan Cargo 4U is the best way to send container to Pakistan.

In LCL or Groupage shipping, you are only reserved a portion of the container. The rest of the area inside the container is filled with the stuff of other people from around the world. So, there might be delays in your shipment being delivered because other shipments inside the container have to be delivered as well to their exact destinations.

How Groupage Shipping Works

Groupage shipping to Pakistan from UK

With the advent of shipping containers, sea cargo has really boomed. Groupage shipping is another alternative for cost saving as you will not be charged for the entire container. You will only be charged for the area occupied by your goods. There are mainly two sizes of containers that are popular in the cargo world; 20 feet and 40 feet.

Why People do Groupage Shipping from the UK to Pakistan?

There are more than a million Pakistanis currently residing in the UK. Nearly all of them have families and friends in Pakistan, to whom they send a lot of stuff throughout the year. A lot of Pakistanis also do import/export business in the UK. So, they often export goods to sell them in Pakistan. In that case, sea cargo shipping comes into play.

So, goods are packaged in the form of pallets or boxes. If there are a lot of goods, then FCL is the best option. If the goods being sent are not large enough to fill the entire container, then Groupage or LCL shipping is the best option. It is cheap, cost effective and reliable as well.

Goods need Proper Packaging and Identification using Groupage Shipping
Groupage Shipping from UK to Pakistan

Any products or goods you send anywhere needs to be packaged properly to ensure its safety during the delivery. Same goes for goods sent via Groupage shipping. Items should be properly packaged, sealed and taped. Bubble wrapping of each individual product should be done as well to ensure its safety.

When Groupage shipping is used, your items are not the only items in the container. There are other items belonging to other people as well. So, you need to ensure that your goods are separate and identifiable among all the goods. Failure in proper identification might result in your goods being unloaded somewhere else, which will bring you a loss of time.

Best Cargo Service for Groupage Shipping
Groupage shipments to Pakistan

After your goods have been purchased and you are ready to send them for delivery via Groupage shipping, the next key thing is deciding which courier service is best for you. The best courier service is the one which delivers your goods with safety, security and in the shortest possible time.

If you want to send  cargo to Pakistan using Groupage shipping, Pakisan Cargo 4u is the best destination to do so. We are the leaders when it comes to cargo shipping from the UK to Pakistan. We surpass our competitors in both services and excellence. Our passion for serving our clients makes us the best company to transport goods from the UK to Pakistan.

Previously, it was only possible to send containers using sea cargo. But, it is also possible to send your shipments by air especially if you want your goods to be delivered in a short time period. Pakistan Cargo 4U supports both sea and air cargo shipping. Our rates are unmatched in the whole of UK, and we’ll make sure to deliver your item in the shortest time possible.

Pakistan Cargo 4U is the leading cargo company for shipping goods from the UK to Pakistan. Our customer services are exemplary, and we also offer order tracking, so that our clients can stay updated about the exact location of the shipment during its delivery. If you have any queries, feel free to ask. Our experienced team of professionals will be more than happy to help you out.

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