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Container Shipping to Pakistan from UK by Air or Sea

Send container to Pakistan from UK

How to Send a Container from the UK to Pakistan

Sending container shipments from the UK to Pakistan has been made really convenient and affordable. Many people send container consignments from the UK to Pakistan for business purposes. They buy stuff from the UK on wholesale, book a container for transporting their goods across Europe to Pakistan, and send it further for delivery in the warehouse.

Pakistan Cargo 4U offers a greatly convenient cargo service to Pakistan

There might be many cargo companies currently offering to transport your stuff from the UK to Pakistan via their container shipping services. But, when you make the choice of choosing a cargo service, a lot of things need to be considered before choosing one. Things like time, path, total weight which can be sent, and an effective and affordable price point are the first things that should come into the mind of the customers before choosing a good courier service.

Why People do Container Shipping?

Send container to Pakistan

Majority of the Pakistani businessmen who do business while living in the UK often send different stuff from the UK to Pakistan. A lot of them send different things as part of their business where they buy goods from the UK on a bigger scale, and send them to Pakistan for selling purpose.

About Our Container Shipping Service

If you are looking to send a load of goods from the UK to Pakistan, you can do so easily via Pakistan Cargo 4U. You can use our container shipping service, and we’ll be more than happy to take your goods to your desired destination in the shortest time possible.

We are the pioneer company in the cargo business which has always prioritized its customers over profits. The team we have is high skilled and experienced, which is constantly working tirelessly to provide you the best services, and to ensure that your shipping is delivered safely to the destination of your choice.

We guarantee that all of your goods will remain secure during the journey. We ensure you that your belongings will remain protected, and none of the valuables will be stolen by theft or lost during the transportation.

Container Shipping from UK to Pakistan

The unique thing about Pakistan Cargo 4U is that you can send your container shipment via both air and sea cargo. Sea cargo can carry more but airmail is faster as compared to the sea courier shipping service. If you want your shipment load to reach quickly and want it to be delivered urgently, you can use our services of airmail, which will ship your container shipment to your desired destination.

But, there is a specific limit on how much load you can send via airmail. If you have more load, you can choose to send your container shipment via our sea cargo service. Sea cargo takes more time as compared to airmail but it is more convenient and affordable. If you have a huge load of goods, you can send your goods via sea cargo container shipping.

We are the leading shipping service when it comes to transporting your goods from the UK to Pakistan.

We have a greatly experienced staff which works 24/7 to provide you the best services, and to ensure that your valuables are secure, and are delivered to its desired destination on time. Our staff works tirelessly to make sure that nothing gets lost or stolen during the journey. There is a danger of some goods getting damaged during their transportation. We make sure that they remain secure and protected.

There are a variety of ways you can do container shipping. You can fill the container up in a variety of ways, which will be described below.

Container Shipment via FCL Shipping

FCL shipping

FCL means Full Container Load. It means that if you have a lot of goods, you can book the entire container, and the whole container will be reserved for your shipment. That also means you won’t be charged in cubic metres. You will be charged per container, and the whole container will go directly from the source to your desired destination.

If you are in charge of a big organization, you should always book FCL as it is overall cheaper and less time consuming than other loads. In Full Container Load, the container will only contain your shipment, and no other load belonging to any other shipper will be shipped together with your container.

Pakistan Cargo 4U gives you the option of choosing a Full Container Load container. We have the best sea cargo rates for FCL, and we will ensure that all of your valuables will stay safe and will be delivered in due time.

Container Shipment via LCL Shipping

LCL shipping

If the quantity of goods that you possess are not in a huge amount, you can always use the LCL container shipping service. LCL stands for less than Container Load. It means that you will not be allotted the entire container but will be charged for a portion of the container. The price is charged on the basis of how many cubic metres of space your cargo takes.

LCL shipping has key disadvantages. The main disadvantage is that your container will also contain goods of other shippers. The container company guarantees that your shipment will be delivered to you but the container will also be delivering other stuff to other countries as well most probably. So, there is a high chance of a significant delay in your delivery.

If you are running a small or medium scale business, you probably don’t need to book a full container. You can easily use LCL at that time as that would be the best option for you at that moment. Booking by LCL is more complex than FCL due to the price variance based on the weight and space in cubic metres that your objects carry.

Pakistan Cargo 4U is the best option for you if you want to send your shipment using LCL. We will make sure that all of your belongings will be delivered to you in a timely fashion. Pakistan Cargo 4U supports LCL shipping, and all of your belongings will carry to your desired destination safely.

20 Feet Container Shipping

20 Feet Container Shipping

Normally, there are two sizes of shipping containers available in which you can do your container shipping. The first is a 20 feet size container. The overall capacity of this container is 33 metre cube. The total weight of the container itself is over 2 tons, while it can carry over 28 tons of cargo inside it. There are many kinds of 20 feet containers like standard, flat-track and open top.

Sending 40 Feet Container

40 feet containers are larger in size than 20 feet containers and can carry more cargo weight as compared to other containers. The size of the 40 feet containers is over 3.5 ton, and their maximum capacity is 67 cubic metres. If you want to send your shipping in either a 40 feet container or a 20 feet container, Pakistan Cargo 4U is the best portal to do so.

Advantages of Container Shipping
Sending 40 Feet Container

Container shipping has several advantages. The main advantage of container shipping is price. Shipping via container has a very low cost as compared to other means of shipping. The goods that are in the container are also documented, hence making this a lot swifter and convenient for the customs as well.

Another advantage of container shipping is protection from a variety of factors. Once the container is filled with goods and is closed, things like bad weather cannot affect the goods in the container at all. The container protects goods from inclement weather, fire and theft.

It also saves the goods from frequent handling of the goods hence protecting them further, and ensuring that the goods remain safe and protected during their journey from the source to their intended destination. The container is also very flexible and versatile, and can also be used to transport a wide variety of goods easily.

Pakistan Cargo 4U Trusted by Thousands

Pakistan Cargo 4U is the trendsetter when it comes to providing efficient shipping services. We offer the best quality services at the most affordable price. We offer container shipping via both Sea cargo and airmail. Sea cargo is less expensive than airmail but takes more time. Sea Cargo can also ship more containers at once, so you can send more goods at a low cost, hence saving a lot of money in return.

We are the number one cargo service for container shipping from the UK to Pakistan. If you have any questions, feel free to hit us up with your queries. We’ll be more than happy to guide you through the whole process.

Container Shipping to Pakistan Sending containers to Pakistan Container Shipping at Cheap Rates

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