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Gift shipping to Pakistan

How to send gifts from the UK to Pakistan

Thousands of Pakistanis living in Britain send gifts and other valuable cargo from the UK to Pakistan each year to their loved ones. Gifts of all kinds are sent like birthday gifts, event gifts, anniversary gifts or even gifts in general for kids.

A vast majority of foreign expats living in the UK are of Pakistani origin. More than 1.1 million people of Pakistani descent live in the UK. Among them, the majority of them are from Mirpur or other parts of Azad Kashmir. The rest are from Punjab, Sindh, KPK and Balochistan. So, a lot of people send gifts to Pakistan each year.

Why People Send Gifts to Pakistan?

send gifts from UK to Pakistan

There are many reasons as to why people send gifts to Pakistan from the UK. The first reason is that the UK is home to the most Pakistanis living outside Pakistan in any country of the world. So, more expats means more chances of sending gifts.

The gifts sent to Pakistan are of many kinds. Birthday gifts, toys, anniversary gifts, father’s day gifts, chocolates, fruit baskets, Mathai sweets and other stuff. Many electronic appliances like smartphones and laptops are also sent to Pakistan as gifts. So, there are many reasons as to why people like to send gifts to Pakistan.

Packaging Gifts Properly Before Sending Them
Send gifts to Pakistan from UK

If you are sending gifts from a longer distance like from the UK to Pakistan, you need to take a lot of safety measures to ensure that your valuables are delivered safe and secure to your destination. There are two forms of packaging done on gift packs. The first is the fine and presentable wrapping done with proper ribbon work done.

The second is putting gifts in a cardboard box which is solid enough to carry your belongings from the source to its destination. Another solid wrapping should be done to seal the box. Then, appropriate bubble wrapping should be done as well to further secure the gift from damages or breakage during the journey to their intended destination.

Sending your Package for Delivery to Pakistan
Send gifts to Pakistan

When you’ve decided what you’ll be sending to Pakistan to your loved ones as a gift, the next thing is choosing an efficient and reliable courier service which will carry your gift from your doorstep to your desired destination in the shortest time possible.

No courier company is better than Pakistan Cargo 4U for sending your gifts from the UK to all parts of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir. We will pick the item from your doorstep, and will deliver it to your desired destination in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.

Whether you want to send your gifts via sea cargo or airmail, you can do so easily via Pakistan Cargo 4U. We have a highly experienced staff which is continuously working to provide you the best possible services.

Our door to door rates for sea cargo are less expensive than airmail but it takes more time. Our airmail service is very swift and your gift will be delivered from the UK to Pakistan in 5 to 7 days. We ensure that your valuables will remain secure and damage-free during their whole destination.

We are the leaders in courier shipping from the UK to Pakistan. Pakistan Cargo 4U always prefers its customers over anything else. Feel open to communicate your queries with us. We’re here for you, and will be more than happy to help and guide you through this.

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