Top 6 Sea Ports and Harbours in Pakistan

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22 Apr 2017
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Top 6 Sea Ports Feature

Top Six developed and undeveloped seaports of Pakistan

The modern transport sector in Pakistan is in its embryonic stage at the moment and Pakistan is developing at the great speed and making its influence in the region. In the south Asian region, Pakistan is one of the big economies and a country with more than 200 million people. Pakistan has a coastal area of around 1200 kilometers on the Arabian Sea. There are more than eight small and big sea ports in the coastal region of Pakistan. Without an enough quantity of capital invested into the transport sector, the complete fleet of the nation is left to only 24 ships, 17 of which can be held by Pakistan’s country wide delivery company. The leisure is owned by the Tristar transport organization and some different delivery lines.

Pakistan has three big sea ports named as Karachi Port, Muhammad Bin Qasim port, and Gwadar port. Port of Muhammad Bin Qasim is the oldest port while the Karachi port is the busiest one. The Port of Gwadar is newly developed deep sea port and one of the deepest ports across the globe with a depth that can handle 16-meter deep cargo ship. There are several ports which are under consideration and the feasibility for the Keti Bunder as a Fish Harbour is currently under way. Pakistan has strategic routes to several countries in the regions including Kashmir, Western China, Afghanistan and central Asian Republics like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan.

Pakistan’s 1,200 kilometers lengthy coastline with the Arabian Sea is a god gifted area with natural harbors. It is a mid-sea section which joins the strategic oil line of the Persian Gulf with the Indian Ocean. Whereas the edge of Persian Gulf, Gwadar port is the deepest seaport in Pakistan. On it, lies the Karachi Port which has been serving this a part of the erstwhile Indian subcontinent and later Pakistan on its creation in 1947. There are different ports that are being developed into world class shopping centers beside the ports of Karachi, Pasni, Jiwani, Gadani, Ormara and Gwadar.

But at this stage, we can’t deny the importance of Gwadar deep sea port which is the modern project virtually accomplished and not too long ago in December 2008, it has started handling shipping operations with the advent of three urea loaded ships but now it has been connected to the China-Pakistan Economic corridor. Let’s have a look at all ports of Pakistan.

Karachi Port

Karachi Port is the hub of Pakistan’s major trading through the sea as 98 percent of the overall international trade is conducted through this port. As such, Karachi Port is being modernized at a total of Rs. 5 billion together with World Bank mortgage of US $91.4 million. The government has improved emphasis on an early completion of the entire development scheme. As a consequence, the following projects have already ended up functional.

OP-V has been constructed at a cost of Rs. 510 million with an annual cargo management capability of six to eight million sea cargo. The circular road to clear up the dilemma of traffic congestion around Port area and crucial city areas of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation, the federal government has given go ahead signal for the building of a circular road. The circular road comprising Southern through-move, Jinnah Bridge (phase-II) and northerly with the by-pass at an estimated cost of Rs.1353 million. The first phase of the project has been accomplished in December 1997.

Reconstruction of Berths No.5-1 to permit Karachi Port to control increasing volume of cargo, the government has directed to the reconstruction of the Berths No. 5-10 at an estimated rate of US $60 million within the next 2 years.

Another Container Terminal has been developed at West Wharf (Berths NO.22-24) is being installed through private sector at an estimated price of US $75 million. In spring 2009, the first super Sea cargo ship carrying 5000 containers arrived in Pakistan through the newly dredged 11 km lengthy channel berthed in a new berth which has been dredged all the way down to a depth of 14m previously the birth was 11.3 meters deep.

Port Muhammad Bin Qasim

Although the port Qasim is one of the oldest ports but currently it is kind of a dedicated port for Pakistan Steel Mills to fulfill the increasing demand of coal, it was determined to assemble a sea port some 35 kilometers west of Karachi. It was constructed within the late Nineteen-Seventies at the modern bases and named after the Muslim common Muhammad bin Qasim who captured the area around 712 A.D. connected to Pakistan steel Mills complex near the Indus River delta, Port Qasim is Pakistan’s second busiest port, dealing with about 35% of the nation’s cargo, 17 million tons per annum. It is placed in a historic channel of the Indus River at a distance of 35 kilometers east of Karachi city Centre. The port contains 1,000 acres with an adjoining 11,000-acre industrial estate. The technique to the port is along a 45-kilometre lengthy Navigation Channel which presents secure navigation for vessels up to 75,000 DWT.

The geographic role of the Port locations it in close proximity to primary delivery routes. Certainly one of its most important advantages is the proximity to countrywide transport services – 15 kilometers from the Pakistan national highway, 14 kilometers from the country wide Railway through six railway tracks located right behind the berths and 22 kilometers from Jinnah Airport, Pakistan’s largest airport.


Gwadar Deep Sea Port

Gwadar, once it was just a fishing village on the Arabian coastline in Baluchistan province and based about 400km from the Strait of Hormuz, some seventy-two kilometers from the Iranian border. The Strait of Hormuz is an essential channel for global oil supplies. More than 13 million barrels per day of oil cross through the Strait. It is tactically located between three increasingly important areas, heavily populated South Asia, the oil-rich Middle East, and the economically emerging and useful resource-weighted neighborhood of Asia. Gwadar’s district has an ancient past which has given it a besieged combination of cultures. The Arabic impact upon Gwadar is robust due to the Omani generation. The legacy of the Omani slave exchange is discovered in the population through the presence of inhabitants which can trace their origin from the African slaves.

Pakistan recognized Gwadar as a port in 1964. However, in 2001 that enormous steps had been taken with Chinese assistance in the development of the deep-sea port. It is one of the mega projects in the history of Pakistan. The complete cost of the undertaking is estimated at US $1.16 billion, of which China has contributed about $198 million for the primary phase for construction of three shipping berths. China also connecting the newly built Gwadar port with Karachi port through coastal highway. The Gwadar master plan is based on more than 4500 acres of land and incorporates an airport development, industrial zones, and, seashore development, export management zones, accommodations, housing services and all civic facilities. Over $2 billion Gwadar project – which strategic analysts name “a pearl in the Pakistani waters” will allow berthing facilities to many an automobile nations and even China, which is aiding Pakistan in a gigantic option to develop this port. The completion of Gwadar port would make it the deepest port of Pakistan and a trans-cargo port for the area. This is Pakistan’s mega set-up seeing that independence in 1947. Funds from non-resident Pakistanis, particularly those working in the Gulf, have come in.

Port Ormara

Ormara is a small port on the Makran coastline alongside the Arabian Sea in Baluchistan, province of Pakistan. It’s situated around 450 kilometers west of Karachi, and east of coastal village Pasni which is also a port. The Jinnah naval base of Pakistan Navy is also located at Ormara. Due to the naval base in the area, the Ormara has a small airport that can handle smaller planes of the size of Fokker crafts. Ormara is an ancient coastal city. Its ancient routes are linked with Alexander the great, who stayed here with his military for just a few days on his approach back from Indus area after conquering the lands of Sindh, Punjab and the NWFP regions which he joined to his expanding Hellenic empire, in 325-27 BC. Considered one of his generals “Ormoz” died here and the latest Ormara was named after him. For a number of centuries, Ormara remained a combat subject between the Baloch Sardars (local feudal) and overseas invaders. Before freedom of Pakistan in 1947, it used to be part of the state of Las Bela and later on it grew to be a part of Makran Division. Most residents make their livelihood from fishing; a few of them additionally work in center Japanese international locations. Ormara has seen extensive development in previous few years mainly with the foundation of the Makran coastal freeway, which integrated the field extra with the mainstream Pakistani economical system and fundamental city centers permitting for less difficult transport of items and goods. It is now linked to the Pakistan china economic corridor with the help of Makran coastal highway.

Port Pasni

Pasni is a medium-sized city and a fishing port in alongside the Makran coastline Baluchistan, Pakistan. It is located about 300 km from Karachi. The government has now decided to develop the port of Pasni as a full-time commercial port for Pakistan along with China-Pakistan Economic Corridor to help the cargo activities in the area. The town hosts a latest fish harbour and Port of Pasni, with fishing being the essential occupation of town dwellers. Frozen size can be sent to Turbat and Karachi for sale within the bigger markets. The city of Pasni hosts a joint user airfield which is shared by Pakistan Air Force (PAF), Pakistan Navy and civil aviation. PAF, as well as PN-Aviation operational amenities, are housed locally. Daily cargo flights carrying seafood and air cargo to Karachi. In 2008, the government accepted the development of Shadi Kaur storage dam near Pasni, which is expected to alleviate one of the most power deficiency of the vicinity. Administratively, Pasni sub-division of Gwadar district headquarters the Pasni city and the subdivision involve Pasni and Ormara counties as well as Astola Island which lies 40km ESE of Pasni, in the Arabian Sea.

Jiwani Port

Although Jiwani is still a small fishing harbour, but it holds a strong strategic significance within the vicinity, located instantly adjoining to the delivery lanes to and from the Persian Gulf at the moment but now Gwadar port will cover all those factors. This is one of the principal factors that the town hosts a small naval base and an airport with a 5,500-foot runway. Jiwani is located on the Jap end of Gwadar Bay, which is shared between Iran and Pakistan. The field across the bay involves a main mangrove wooded area extending throughout the worldwide border, and is a most important habitat for a wide variety of flora and fauna, WWF-Pakistan established the Jiwani Conservation and information Centre (JCIC). The aim is to make a contribution in the direction of the conservation of biodiversity within the discipline, by way of knowledge dissemination. With the extension of the Makran Coastal highway from Gwadar to Jiwani is a good development and this highway has made easy connections with other trading cities. Jiwani has a small airport located 10 km far from the city Centre. It’s not one of the leading airports of Pakistan, however, has weekly flights connecting it with Gwadar, Pasni, and Karachi. Jiwani has been used World War II as the allied base. Traveling the barracks discipline of the bottom used for the period of World War 2 displays many handwritten small studies and identify of Allied Pilots. There’s a further story linked to Jiwani and that is Queen Victoria deliberate to visit the area in her ruling period to observe sundown and a hut which is now known as “Victoria Hut” was developed for this cause. The Victoria hut continues to be being maintained via Pakistan Coast Guards but it is not clear that if the Queen visited the area or not.

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