Cargo Ships Terrorise Europe

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23 Feb 2016
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Cargo Ships

The dangers posed by the cargo ships is becoming a major concern for European security officials as they believe the terrorist may take advantage of these ships

Why they fear?

Their fear is justified as every month there are an estimated 10,000 cargo ships that pursue European waters and the officials don’t have a comprehensive official tracking system to track every single one of them.

Some other nations have developed much better checking system for all those vessels that make ports at their coastline. Many of these vessels carry sea cargo to Pakistan and other countries of the world almost on regular basis.

How big is this problem?

Based on the data from a maritime intelligence company, an investigation has been published to show the nature and scale of the problem. It showed that last month 540 ships entered into European waters and their activities were questionable.

“All ships are supposed to carry a GPS tracking device that allows authorities to locate where they are. But a log of ships turns that off. We don’t know why. A lot of ships spoof their tracking device. They say they’re somewhere they’re not.

Other ships simply lie about who they are. They say they’re this ships, but it turns out they’re not that ship at all,” said the reporter.

That’s really bad

The things get even worst when these ships do things that make absolutely no sense when it comes to economics. Like for instance, a ship declares voyage from one port in Middle East to another, or from a port in Europe to another but along that journey, they go to North African shore with their transponder turned off, hiding their true location.

And when they come back to Europe, God only knows what they are bringing in, or what kind of threat they pose.

Who are these people and why they are doing this?

These are gangsters and members of organised crime gangs who have long established routes for smuggling narcotics and arms in and out of any country around the globe. The fear is justified as the places like Libya and Syria where there is chaos, are located at Mediterranean coastline and these ships, perhaps, be providing the armed groups with material and assistance to keep the fight on.

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