Cargo Ships Terrorise Europe

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23 Feb 2016
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Cargo Ships

The dangers posed by the cargo ships is becoming a major concern for European security officials as they believe the terrorist may take advantage of these ships Why they fear? Their fear is justified as every month there are an estimated 10,000 cargo ships that pursue European waters and the officials don’t have a comprehensive […]

Gwadar vs Chabahar! A Warfield On The World Economic Gateway

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9 Nov 2015
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Gwadar Vs Chabahar

Why the stakeholders from the gate of the Strait of Hormuz to Arabian sea are afraid of Gwadar Port?   In the altering dynamics of international policies, sea trade has great importance. In that perspective, Gwadar Port of Pakistan and Chabahar Port Iran are the centre points in Arabian Sea and both geographically have a […]

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