What Dry Cargo Vessels are Used to?

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14 Sep 2015
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Bulk Cargo Vessel


Dry cargo vessels and bulk carriers are the backbone of shipping, let’s have a look actually are they?

Solid dry goods are shipped via dry cargo ships which is a special type of cargo carriers. These ships have a higher tolerance for ultra-high temperatures along with the capacity to bear very low temperatures. These vessels are used to cargo the dry goods such as metal ores and coal however, grains, forest goods, steel products and other open bulks are also shipped via these cargo ships.

Equipped with on deck cranes and other machinery help the independent loading and unloading of cargo. These ship does not require any special arrangements and port facilities to load or unload the cargo. Dry cargo ships are used to carry coal and international bulk trade from one port to another port in the world.

There are two types of dry cargo ships mainly used to move the cargo from one port to another on the globe. These types are Bulk carriers and Container ships.

Bulk Cargo Carriers:

Bulk carriers are used to transport unpacked bulk cargo like fertilizers, coal, and metal ores. Other kind of cargo can be cement, steel and grains etc…

These days, bulk carriers handle more than 40% of the total cargo handled in the world. There six major categories of the cargo ships and all categorized according the deadweight and tonnage capacity of these vessels. These six categories include Handy size, Handymax, Panamax, Capesize and Very Large.

Large bulk carriers are normally lies in the category of capsize vessels however, occasionally, these ships considered as a separate entity. Some of the famous bulk carriers are Seawaymax, Kamsarmax, Setouchmax, Dunkirkmax, and Newcastlemax. Maximum number of bulk carriers are built by the South Korea in the world. These carriers have the load capacity of 40,000 DWT.

Handysize Ships

Handysize ships like Handymax and Supermax are also bulk dry carriers and they have the capacity over 10,000 DWT and primarily used to carrying dry cargo such as grains and iron ores.

Panamax Ships

Panamax and New Panamax ships are the medium sized vessels with a maximum cargo capacity of 13,000 TEU while the minimum capacity can be around 5000 TEU in a smaller ship.

These ships have been specially designed to follow special standards and dimensions to cross through the new locks at the Panama canal.

Container ships:

Any ocean vessel that carry container cargo called container ship and the technique used to cargo the goods is called containerization rather than bulk cargo. These containers carry all kind of goods from smallest electronic toy to the largest manufacturing goods.

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