Should there be a Hard Attitude by the UK

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8 May 2019
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The growing market has the potential to welcome foreign products

Moods change, attitudes change and it can happen in a second or it can take years or less also. But this is not limited to only the individuals, the same is happening at the international level now a day.

UK has been very cooperative till now in case of Brexit with EU, but now there is an opinion emerging that strict measures are to be taken if there are any plans of the EU capital to keep the country in control in shape of the customs union.

There are orders to formulate a temporary customs mechanism if anything negative does happen due to the rejection of the key proposal. What is being proposed by the EU? Well EU is proposing that it will keep Northern Ireland in its customs union and the single market.

UK to Pakistan Cargo

UK to Pakistan Cargo

This is the border from where the connection between EU countries and the UK establish. But this is not in favour of the UK as to be in control of the EU in any shape harms the idea of this exit and this is also not supported by any party.

What is at stake?

The individuality is at stake. If you are going to remain under control of EU rules one way or another then you are in partial or overall control which is not accepted by the government. There is no major move if you see it on the major side in regard to the agreement between the two parties.

A strong parliament is needed border and trade rules are to be formulated to keep the position strong at any time or any talks especially trading through sea cargo. It is as if it is getting difficult for the EU side to let go of the UK as it is a major partner for the bloc.



Facing the crisis boldly is the call

Enough of being in control and making requests and being lenient there is a stop to everything. This is the attitude being adopted by many inside the country. Theresa May has to take a bold step and make the other side bend as it is saying no to every big decision the UK is longing for.

It is the time as many say that the PM has to make clear its importance and after that ask EU bloc to make a decision or there will be a no deal. Holding or changing the referendum decision is what the EU cannot dictate.

Then what about the talk of the agreement just happened

That’s another point as it was connected to another matter. This is the main area where there may is stressing upon from the start so as to gain an agreeable trade movement between the two.

Cargo Airlines

Cargo Airlines

But more UK stresses upon the matter the more EU retaliates. First, there was no clear plan and now when one has started to emerge there are new problems associated with it.

Splitting the UK will never be a good idea and what remains of the government will also be destroyed. But as many otherwise and well thought about decisions, the government will surely get to a solid point sooner or later.

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