Sea routes of Pakistan are extremely important for its cargo activity

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24 Jan 2018
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Open sea water is available for all kinds of vessels

Sea traffic of Pakistan is a true source for its cargo activity

Sea transportation is necessary for each and every country of the world. Some countries are very lucky in this connection by having such great seashores and sea outlets towards rest of the world that by using them they can move their economy such as Pakistan has natural sea sources and very effective one at the same time.

Its sea cargo transportation with rest of the world is the major source of its cargo activity.  Sea transportation of Pakistan is dealt by its famous port of South Asia, Karachi port. Karachi port is situated on the verge of the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. It is also connected with Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean respectively.

Karachi port has the great business opportunity due to its direct approach to all major countries of the world. Europe, UK, Gulf and other big markets of the world are directly interlinked with Karachi port via sea network.

Mother vessels can linger directly due to open and deep water of Karachi port

Mother vessels are bound to linger in deep water and every port or harbor in the open sea doesn’t the ability to linger mother vessels. Karachi port has naturally deep water and open water so it is perfect for mother vessels to linger in the harbor directly this will give some extra advantages.

Mother vessels of big companies of the world touch Karachi port for cargo goods and it gives a huge advantage to the cargo industry of Pakistan and on the other hand, it gives a big opportunity to mother vessels to carry goods from Pakistan for rest of the world.

Goods availability is always there on Karachi port because it is the main source of all sea trade of Pakistan and mother vessels get something to take with them on each and every movement towards Pakistan.

Sea routes are best suited for small boats to reach Gulf or KSA ports

Sea connectivity with Gulf of UAE or KSA can be possible directly without waiting for mother vessels due to direct connectivity with Karachi port by small boats or ships. It is a big source of transportation in between Gulf of UAE or KSA.

Ships move frequently to these ports from Karachi ports with goods and earn a lot of foreign exchange for the country. Both these markets have great hustle bustle for Pakistani products such as fruits, cotton spices and other eatable commodities.  This cargo connectivity of small ships or boats stimulates the cargo activity.

Gwadar is another source of sea cargo connectivity

Now a day Gawadar has become another popular sea route of Pakistan due to its importance for China. Gwadar Port provides good sea connectivity to China and other European countries by crossing Russia.

It has great potential to deal any kind of cargo operation. The main thing in both these ports of Pakistan is they are hot water ports and harbors, so Pakistan can utilize them for the whole year to get cargo business or cargo connectivity with rest of the world.

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