Brexit Emergency Erupting Chaos in the UK

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20 Sep 2019
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Will the hard decisions now affect trade in the future?

Parliament suspension is in news and it has happened not just rumours. The suspension took place in the recent parliament discussion and the PM has put a stop to it. This has worsened the situation further. Even the European Parliament has criticized the step.

The issue is that at such a crucial stage the debate should not have stopped. It is a platform where other parties get a chance to speak their point of view. This act is very important as if seen wisely it is ultimately in the favour of the government to know what the opposition is planning and how to tackle it.

But despite all this the fact is that Prime Minister Boris Johnson has done it and it is going strictly against him. Even if the PM wants things to delay still this is no way to decide in a democratic setup. This has also put the common man to question what the exact direction is all this going towards. It seems as if the opposition has become stronger.

Is Ireland border a big issue or Gibraltar is?

Everyone is talking about the Ireland border backstop but the border of Gibraltar is even more critical. Trade by sea and air cargo and other mutually beneficial relationship are more at stake over there between Gibraltar and Spain.

Cargo Services

Cargo Services

In the case of no-deal Brexit things are going to be more difficult. There is going to be hours of delay for border workers and more important than this there will be a hindrance inflow of food, medicine and other good also due to extra checks.

Even people don’t like it

Theresa May was also not among the ones people like the most as she also chose to take the mid-way. But she bares the talks and discussions and criticism more sensibly. Now, this is one thought.

If you think the other way it is a big country we are talking about and things cannot be done stubbornly. It is against the law what the present PM has done. But there should be an end to all this stupidity and this issue has become more political than it should have been a common interest.

The government has taken a strict stance and shut the opposition up. But still, it is not a wise discussion as now even if the step is taken for the betterment of the situation it will be taken as negative in every way.

Is Boris Johnson the UK dictator?

Well in a way yes, people may think like that. As being an onlooker we may not judge the minor details that are making big differences. Both sides (opposition and government) seem right at one time or another.

But calling the present PM a dictator is right or it is wrong, this can only be concluded whenever finally UK is going to leave EU which is for now becoming impossible without a deal. The previous PM submitted to Parliament but the present one is not ready to do so. Therefore the results await.

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