UK exports to non EU countries on the rise

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28 Nov 2017
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UK to Non-EU

Pakistan has become good selling place for goods produced in Britain

Growing economic conditions of a country also accelerate international trade and same is happening with South Asian nations for a number of years. Cargo to Pakistan from the UK has increased in recent years due to the substantial rise in demand. Centuries-old relations between the two countries always positively impact the trade.

The United Kingdom also has been concentrating more on rest of the world than a continent of Europe for selling its goods and finding customers of services. This big shift has been seen since last year’s Brexit vote. Pakistan is one of few countries where demand has increased made in the UK.

Last year figure is suggesting an increase of 8.3 percent that is quite encouraging amid complicated circumstances because of ambiguity. In the same period, just 2.3 percent increase in exports to EU was recorded so a clear message is thereby the businessmen and officials facilitating them for economic stability.

Brexit can be a blessing for Business

In fact for last eight years, the same trend has been observed and it is really encouraging for local manufacturing units. In last quarter of this year, more aggressive approach is expected from production units to capture new markets.

Getting back the absolute power of decisions will further develop chances of doing even better in markets around the world. Reliability over products of the country is also positively observed.

The predicted economic scenario also steering European giants to focus on emerging markets of Asia for reinforcing their trade balance. Frequent and strong business to business contacts are very important and to provide opportunities for these meetings a number of forums are operational between Pakistan and Britain Trade.

Cargo industry gets boost whenever trade improves

Improved trade ties ensure great hustle for cargo industry too and freight forwarding companies present in the UK are quite capable of bearing the burden. They are well informed and has a good network of cargo goods with the surety of delivery on time and at competitive rates.

Quotations are taken online for a shipment and facility of picking from your place of manufacturing is also available. By using modern types of equipment and having highly trained staff cargo handling companies are rightly claiming to give their clients best service.

Apart from big shipments, small parcels from individuals are also delivered in Pakistan at very affordable rates.

Reach foreign buyers through exhibitions and road shows

At first product, introductory events are being arranged in potential areas. Exhibitions, road shows, exchange of trade delegations are taking place on regular basis. Exposure leads to orders and interest of the local business community that is more capable of becoming the partner in your foreign endeavor.

Usually, cities with millions of urban population and have strong industrial base prove good for selling expensive foreign products. People are well informed about most of the renowned brands and are excited about their launch in the local market.

Facilities are getting better on airports and seaports for expensive cargo traffic but there is a lot more need to be done apart from building infrastructure to handle freight properly.

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