Is AirBus A380 a Passenger or Cargo Aircraft?

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19 Apr 2016
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Aircraft Airbus A380

A wide body world’s largest aircraft with four turbo engines is unable to carry freight in spite of the giant power A380 is used for the transportation of the passengers.

The A380 has greater capacity for the passengers it can carry 500 to 800 passengers.

The powerful double deck  A380 Airbus is the world’s largest aircraft. The Airbus A380 has greater capacity to handle more than 500 passengers. It is the world’s largest passenger airliner, and the airports at which it operates have upgraded facilities to accommodate it.

A380 is manufactured by Airbus and  it was initially named Airbus A3XX and designed to challenge Boeing’s monopoly in the large-aircraft market. The wingspan of the Airbus A380 is 10 meters longer as compared to the Boeing 747. But unlike the 747 and most popular passenger jets, the A380 has no cargo-only equivalent.  There are two steps to measure the air freight one is the cube and the other is the weight. The first step, cube refers to the volume of the freight. The design of Airbus A380 can not support the maximum payload required to produce a healthy profit.

What is the difference between a Boeing 747 and 380 Airbus, which one is the best cargo carrier

Boeing and Airbus both are the largest aircraft manufacturing firms in the world. Both are unique in term of their productions. A comparison between Boeing 747 and A380 Airbus will tell the truth about which is the better cargo or passenger carrier.

A popular air freighter 747 is manufactured by Boeing and A380 a largest passenger aircraft is manufactured by Airbus. The Boeing 747 has a maximum takeoff weight of 448,000 kilograms, which is less as compared to the A380’s 575,000. The cargo capacity of the Boeing 747 is 710 m3 and on the other hand the cargo capacity of the Airbus 380 is 11134 m3. In this sense the Airbus A 380 would be able to carry 60 percent more volume as compared to  the Boeing 747 and in term of weight it would carry only 28 percent weight which is less than 747.

So the mechanical analysis of Boeing 747 and 380 Airbus demonstrates that A380 is the better option as a passenger aircraft while the Boeing 747 is the best option for the freight transportation. Airbus is a large capacity aircraft which is more suitable for major passenger hubs like New York, London and Beijing.

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