Boeing 747 vs Airbus A380! Which is the best cargo carrier?

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27 Dec 2016
By admin
A380 vs 747

Boeing 747 and Airbus A380 both are the largest flights used for passengers but what about cargo? Boeing 747 is known for its economy, comfort and long haul flights with convenience and is being used in both forms as a passenger carrier and a Cargo freighter for air cargo. On other hand airbus A380 is […]

Is AirBus A380 a Passenger or Cargo Aircraft?

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19 Apr 2016
By admin
Aircraft Airbus A380

A wide body world’s largest aircraft with four turbo engines is unable to carry freight in spite of the giant power A380 is used for the transportation of the passengers. The A380 has greater capacity for the passengers it can carry 500 to 800 passengers. The powerful double deck  A380 Airbus is the world’s largest […]

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