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19 Mar 2020
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Prospering Cargo to Pakistan is stirred by Menace of Coronavirus

In the early days, cargo deliveries were quite slow and even it took months to reach a delivery to its destination. Many reasons could be attributed in this connection but mainly two are important to mention.

One reason for this slow delivery was poor communication system like roads and another factor was Government own slow cargo system which has lost its faith among the masses. Private sector eventually got benefit from this gap and started its own cargo service. Now, this cargo system is the most authentic and reliable mode of cargo deliveries.

UK to Pakistan

UK to Pakistan

The cargo deliveries across the world are categorised into two main types i.e. Air Cargo and Sea Cargo. Both are effective and viable but frankly speaking each has its own pros and cons in a broader sense. Air cargo is used to send parcels, documents etc. swiftly from the UK to all parts of Pakistan, Mirpur and other parts of Azad, Jammu and Kashmir. Whereas, Sea Cargo to Pakistan is meant for heavy parcels and machinery which cannot be accommodated in the planes. However, the sea cargo mode is cheaper than air cargo but more time is spent on sea cargo.

Working Operation

The working operation of sea cargo is a little bit complicated and onerous wherein the deliveries are packed in containers and after that, these are shifted onto vessels. From these vessels, these shipments are transferred to the concerned port i.e. Karachi Port of Pakistan.

Cargo and logistics are correlated. Both are part and parcel to each other as after quitting the shipment from the port, it is sent to the concerned destination in Pakistan or AJK through appropriate logistics by road or rail.

Cargo Airlines

Cargo Airlines

There is no arguing that the working atmosphere is not much relaxing and one has to undergo a hectic process to get his shipment relieved. So it is direly needed that the concerned authorities of Karachi Port must take appropriate immediate measures to relax the ambience of port working.

Threats to Cargo to Pakistan

Before the emergence of Coronavirus, earlier the issue of Brexit’s Transit Period was the biggest threat to the cargo industry in the UK. And now it is coined with the Coronavirus disease which is spreading so fatly across the world, despite all control measures.

World Health Organisation has warned the world that if it is not curbed completely, this disease would encircle the whole world. Present statistics reveal that at present almost 157 countries of the world are infected from this disease.

The Health Emergency is imposed in most of the affected counties to control this disease and alerts in this regard are being issued consistently to create awareness among the masses. So you can perceive well that flight operations are also affected and reduced.

Sea Cargo Terminal

Sea Cargo Terminal

The UK too has reduced her flights to the affected countries like China so as to protect its citizens further from the gravity of this threatening disease. Under these circumstances, cargo services are also disturbed and deliveries are not being booked to the affected areas where flights are affected. Though flights are not completely banned to Pakistan, yet a check is put to control it.

Space and Scope for the UK Investors in Pakistan

Pakistanis settled in the UK since long, are sending their cash and cargo to their homeland. The cargo deliveries are sent through appropriate cargo companies working in the UK. Pakistan and the UK have good economic relations and are also a signatory of various mutual and international agreements of business and environment. There are a great space and scope for the UK investors in Pakistan to invest directly to gain profit in various sectors like energy, power, cargo etc.

Strong and healthy economic relations already exist between two friendly countries and this could boost to further strengthen these relations. The UK owned companies could befit from this by process of integration in a systematic process. There is also great scope in Pakistan for the export of goods, textiles, garments and sports. So it is worth mentioning that by investing here in Pakistan, the UK businessmen could fetch great results from the sectors of energy, professional services, infrastructure, education, defence, consumer products and healthcare sectors.

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