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Send cosmetics to Pakistan
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How to Ship Cosmetics from the UK to Pakistan?

Cosmetics are those products, which when applied greatly enhance the appearance of the face as well as other parts of the body. It enhances the beauty and appearance of parts of the body it is applied on. These products are used by women, and they use it with great ease and to great benefits.

There are currently several cosmetic brands in the world. They are headquartered in first world countries. They have their factories located in those first world countries as well. So, those countries which are not first world have to import those cosmetic products belonging to those popular brands to sell them in their own countries.

Why Cosmetics are sent to Pakistan from the UK?

Pakistan, like several other countries imports a lot of cosmetic products. A lot of those fashion and cosmetic products are manufactured in the UK. So, businessmen buy those products from the UK and send them to Pakistan as part of their business, where those products are then sold in the local markets. A lot of people also send cosmetics and other appearance-enhancing products to their friends and family living in Pakistan as gifts.

What kind of Cosmetic Products are sent to Pakistan from the UK?

Send cosmetics from UK to Pakistan

There are a variety of cosmetic products sent to Pakistan from the UK each year. We’ll be discussing a few of these products below.

1.   Perfumes

Perfumes are scents which are used for fragrance. Perfumes of many companies are exported to Pakistan from the UK each year. Perfumes are part of dangerous cargo, so they need special documents and registrations to be done before they are sent from the UK to Pakistan.

2.   Make Up

Cosmetics produced by different international brands are exported to Pakistan each year. A lot of Pakistanis living in the UK send Make Up and other cosmetic products from the UK to Pakistan each year.

3.   Lotions

Similar to many other appearance enhancing products, lotions are also sent to Pakistan from the UK in abundance. Lotions produced by big international brands are really popular in Pakistan. So, the people of Pakistan really like using these imported products.

Packaging of Cosmetic Products
Cosmetics shipping to Pakistan from UK

A lot of cosmetic products like perfumes are packaged in glassy materials. So, if they fall anywhere and there is no protection, there is a good chance of them breaking down, and the product will go to waste. So, in order to prevent that, one should always package perfumes and other cosmetic products in the best possible fool-proof manner.

Cosmetic products should be bubble-wrapped and then put in a box. The box should be taped and sealed for more security. For added protection, bubble wrapping should also be done on the box to ensure further protection of the box.

Best Cargo Service for Cosmetics Shipping
Send cosmetics to Pakistan from UK

After all the cosmetic products have been purchased in the UK, the next important thing is to find a suitable cargo company which will ship your products across the English Channel going through Europe all the way to Pakistan.

A professional cargo company is cheap and reliable. Pakistan Cargo 4U is the best cargo service to transport your goods from the UK to Pakistan. All you need to do is give us a call. Our representative will pick the products from your doorstep, and we’ll make sure to transport your products from the UK to Pakistan in the quickest time possible.

We provide our door to door cargo to Pakistan services in the whole of UK, and we’ll pick your items from anywhere inside the UK. We offer our services via both sea and airmail. Our main priority is to satisfy our customers. Therefore, we provide the most affordable rates for both airmail and sea cargo, which are the cheapest among all the cargo services which currently offer shipping to Pakistan.

We also offer our clients an order tracking service as well, so that they can stay updated about the current location of their goods. Pakistan Cargo 4U puts its customers over company profits, and makes sure that our customers stay happy with the services that we provide. Make sure to contact us if you have any queries. Our team is ever-present to help you out.

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