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Shipping boxes to Pakistan from UK at cheapest rates

Send boxes to Pakistan from UK

Choosing the Best Shipping Service for Box Shipping

After you have packed all your stuff in the box and made it ready for shipping, the next important thing is choosing a courier service which will make the entire transportation process hassle-free for you.

A good courier company has many good things about it. It is reliable, timely and very affordable for customers. It provides great customer support to its clients. It also provides tracking of the box so that the customers can stay updated about the progress about their shipment and the exact location of the box at a specific time.

With the services of Pakistan Cargo 4U, you can send all kinds of boxes safely and securely. We ensure the security and protection of your valuables during the journey to their desired destination.

Send boxes to Pakistan

We do box shipping by both sea cargo and airmail. You have the choice of choosing either service. Our airmail services are more expensive than other services but the box is delivered in a quicker time using air cargo. Our sea cargo shipping takes more time than air but is comparatively much cheaper as compared to airmail.

We ensure that your valuables will be protected and undamaged when they are delivered to their destination. We always put our customers first, and our policies always revolve around providing services to the customers. Feel free to contact us with your queries. We’ll be more than content to guide you about the whole process.

How to Ship Boxes from the UK to Pakistan?

Pakistan is a big country situated in South Asia with a population of over 200 million individuals. More than 1.1 million Pakistanis live in the UK, with a lot of their relatives still living here in Pakistan. So, a lot of remittances and all kinds of other stuff is sent to Pakistan from the UK.

Boxes Shipping

Thousands of Pakistanis living in Britain send remittances, gifts and other household utensils from the UK to Pakistan to their beloved relatives and friends. A hefty chunk of Pakistanis living in the UK belong to parts of Azad Kashmir like Mirpur and Dadyal, so a lot of goods and valuables are sent to those parts each year as well.

What is Box Shipping?

Box shipping means transporting goods from one place to another by packing them in different boxes. Boxes used generally for packaging are cardboard boxes. There are different kinds of cardboard boxes as well. The box size and shape depends on what you are sending from the UK to Pakistan.

There are many cardboard boxes like corrugated boxes, heavy duty boxes, easy folds, moving boxes and insulated shippers. All these boxes are of different shapes and sizes, and can carry different weights depending on their size. The type of box chosen for shipping depends on the kind of material or equipment that is being shipped from the UK to Pakistan.

Boxes Shipping at cheap rates
Importance of Choosing the Idea Box for Shipping

It is imperative to choose the right box for shipping. When you pack your goods, the importance of choosing the best box for your stuff is important as failure in choosing the right box might result in damage to the goods during their delivery.

For Example, Mailers are appropriate for shipping books from one place to another. If you want to send some suites while ensuring that they remain clean and safe, you can choose a moving box which is a perfect fit for your hanger.

Why People Ship Boxes from the UK to Pakistan?

There are many reasons as to why boxes are shipped from the UK to Pakistan. Usually, people send goods and other utensils to their relatives in Pakistan. So, what they do is that they put all the items in a cardboard box, seal it, and give the box to the courier service for delivery. People send all kinds of stuff like gifts, smartphones, toys, goods and other household utensils.

Shipping boxes to Pakistan Door to Door delivery Boxes Shipping to Pakistan

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