Why Gwadar Port is More Vital Route than Chabahar Port

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1 Mar 2016
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Gwadar port (Pakistan) and Chahbahar port (Iran) have the vital significance for the central Asian countries.

Both ports links central Asian region to the world market and cuts off thousands of kilometres for certain trade routes. The relationship between Pakistan and Iran is  very friendly and likable. Both the countries have developed the plan for the strong and beneficial connection with the global market. Both Islamic countries of the region have developed strategies to create a strong economic relations with central Asia and the rest of the world.

Gwadar and Chahbahar ports are the reflection of these strategic plans. Both the ports are well for the economic development and the more trade business in the Asian region. Gwadar and Chahbahar ports are the major doorway to the global market. In the dynamic environment of the global sea trade both the ports have greater strategic and geopolitical importance for the Pakistan and Iran. Gwadar (Pakistan) and Chahbahar (Iran) both ports handle approximately 17 billion barrels crude oil daily.

China is interested in Gwadar port to achieve the strategic objective of becoming the an unassailable marine power in the Indian Ocean. On the other hand, India is busy in the construction of the Chahbahar. A memorandum is signed between Iran and India, which includes an investment of $85.21 million to build a container cargo terminal and a cargo terminal on Chahbahar.

Competition between Gwadar port Pakistan and Chabahar port Iran

Gwadar Port is found on the Gulf of Oman, close to the entrance of the Persian Gulf. Gwadar port is a warm water port, about 460-kilometre west of Karachi and approximately 75-kilometre east of the Pakistan border with Iran.  The Chabahar Port is situated on the Makran Coast of the Sistan and Balochistan of Iran. Gwadar port is the dominant part of the China –Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC). The CPEC will link the western region to the central Asia and the Middle East through a rail and road network. Gwadar port has become a commercial hub, which is handling the commercial traffic of the Middle East and Gulf countries.

The Gwadar port welcomes the transit trade from twenty countries.  The Chabahar port is the icon of Indo-Iran economic and strategic cooperation. The purpose of Indian investment of $85.21 million on the Chabahar is to circumvent Pakistan and tie the India to Afghanistan through Chahbahar. The sole goal of Indians is to decrease the dependence of the central Asian countries on the Gwadar port. It is the main reason to develop the transportation infrastructure in the Iran. But Pakistan wants the Chabahr port complement with Gwadar in place of being competitors.

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