What Points to Consider When Sending Cargo to Pakistan

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26 Aug 2015
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Cargo to Pakistan

These are the helpful points to consider to make sure that your cargo reaches its destination anywhere in Pakistan


Packing the Cargo Box

1- Organize your parcel box before the final packing.

2- Follow instructions in the packing guide of Cargo Service

3- Correctly determine the box size

4- Find the box cost for door to door delivery


Booking your cargo

1- Properly label the destination address on the box

2- Enlist the type of contents inside the box, fragile or perishable

3- Select a service according to your need (Air Cargo for Urgent & Sea Cargo for Economy)

Selection of Cargo Company

1- Beware of the exceptionally low rates offered

2- Usually people hide information about foreign rules and regulations including customs and regulatory duties which lead to frustration on arrival in Pakistan

3- Your cargo may be stopped at clearance in Pakistan, if sent through scammers


Make the list of contents

1- Prepare the list of contents with value of each and every item

2- Inquire for standard rates, packing, sealing

3- Know the labeling requirements from the cargo company you have selected


Secure the cargo documentation

1- Keep all your documentation safe and secure after booking

2- These documents can be cargo receipts, reception, loading and delivery receipts


Contacts in Pakistan

1- Get contact details of your cargo company agents.

2- Freight forwarders who deliver your parcel within Pakistan.

3- Make sure that the information about the Pakistani cargo agents is very clear and written on the receipt.


Cargo tracking details

1- Get the information about the tracking of your cargo

2- Track it from your door step to any destination in Pakistan for secure delivery


Inform your consignee

1- Inform your consignee about the cargo box in advance

2-Pass each and every detail to him in Pakistan

3- Ask him not to sign the delivery report, if the seal or packing is tampered or broken.

4- Ask the delivery agent to double check, why it happened?


Immediate claims or inquiries


If you think any of your items have been stolen, lost or not delivered, make a claim immediately by contacting your cargo company.




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