UK Trade Exit facing Strong Opposition

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16 May 2019
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To Reach the Biggest Market of the World Go through Sea

Many times what is happening in daily routines do not matter and things unsaid and unattended are left to do for later. Is this happening with Prime Minister Theresa May and her government? Well, it may not be the case, but things that were kept hidden are now reacting in a negative way for her.

She may have been trying hard to get things straight the whole time after the referendum to leave EU, but keeping it hushed is now striking back. And now the parliament is going against this whole scenario. A vote of no confidence is sure to happen if something is not done to take the parliament members in confidence.

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Cargo Airlines

As a result either the Brexit is going to end or a no deal exit is going to happen, which by the way is not in favour of the present government in any form. News is that many things are going on and PM is going to take the party members as well as the parliament in confidence and ask them to support the decision once again.

The optimistic thought to cheer up

Now what the opposition is thinking about all the negatives about consequences of a no deal exit may not happen at all. Even if there is no deal the trade may happen in a much better way as the whole world is going to be open for trade.

There will be no restrictions to follow and no boundaries to remain in. So people should just wait and see and let the work be handled. You may never know what the future holds for them and if an opportunity is coming their way then they should grab it and give it a try as true country lovers.

A new era going to start for sure

After 40 years of dependent trades by sea cargo and air cargo, this is the time for the UK to really stand up and have its independence back in true sense. When the referendum happened there was a belief, a common notion and expected to be a plan to deal with all this and make the country stand on its own in every trade aspect.



But that has not happened till now and the time is getting closer things are not clear there is no deal is there to lead the country without EU and still help is asked for although in a temporary form. But no one knows how much temporary it is going to be as after those two years things either things will clear up or worsen.

Time for a final vote

From the government side, the time is said to be in the New Year while the opposition is planning something else. They are trying to lessen the time period to a coming week or soon after Christmas. Many are not in favour of the deal Theresa May is going to finalize with the EU and the reaction is now showing off strongly.

There are less than four months left and things are still diving ling not knowing where this all will end or even start to happen. As without getting agreement from the fellow county men or people forming the government how can anything be triggered?

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