UK is Willing to Raise Trade Volume with Pakistan

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24 May 2018
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There is potential of taking bilateral trade to billions of dollars in coming years

Countries all over the world are always keen to increase their selling and when any of them has been leaving an economic community then this struggle becomes manifold. United Kingdom has been facing quite similar situation and continuously searching for markets other than EU.

At first common wealth nations have been focused and South Asian economies that are growing steadily rightly attracted the attention. UK exports to Pakistan can be raised to billions of pounds, as it is the sixth largest population of the world.

Other than young aspirant people, their capacity to purchase has also increased due to growth in economy. More than hundred of companies of Britain origin are doing business in Pakistan and many are ready to launch their products.

In this way situation is quite favorable for any new adventure particularly when local partners are involved. Flow of goods is easy and will be made further smooth as both sides are willing to increase volume of bilateral trade.

Reason behind delay of a shipment

In normal routine exporters experience delay in delivery of shipments and reason behind this could be documentation issue on receiver end. To avoid any such situation complete guidance is available that would help all those importing on commercial level Cargo from UK to Pakistan for first time.

Other than this, there could be delay in boarding a parcel on plane or due to some mistake, the consignment left behind. Generally, cargo companies are well aware of their responsibilities and there is no such possibility but things happen and companies compensate all these situations.

Cargo industry and modern technology

Air cargo industry on a larger scale does not have a good record in adopting modern technology. In a recent air cargo event in China one of the leading airlines chief expressed reasons of slow progress of the sector. There is no dearth of ideas but reluctance to use modern technology.

It is traditional in its outlook and need to be modernized to cater needs of this changing world. In fact the industry is quite slow to absorb the fast improvement in innovation. Too many voices can be heard but not much of them implemented and fizzles out sooner.

Example of it is electronic air waybills that took a decade to be implemented though still not fully practiced. However, things have changed a lot and people know it is important to keep pace with the fast changing world.

More transparency and efficiency

Artificial intelligence powered quotations when combined with a fore mentioned step could save billions for the industry. And unless the first step has been taken no second step is possible. This would help parties to get rid of documentations and any possible confusion.

This would save senders to make documents and it would be the case in seventy percent cargo traffic. Cargo carriers would not deal directly with shippers and there is no possibility of change in approach in coming years.

On the other hand, floating rates of cargo services has become a common practice and this will bring transparency in charging clients for services.

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