UK is Suffering From a Hard Time Because Of COVID-19 Which Affect Trading With Pakistan As Well

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10 Jul 2020
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Starting with a positive note but a huge gap to fill

Now regardless of what the world is going through the talks between EU and UK are very much on time. But things have certainly slowed down due to the pandemic. But another reason is that the consent is not there till now on video conferencing. But whatever the situation in Britain is very much determined on getting the deal done in the given time. It is also been said that if the situation does not improve soon there will be a no-deal crash out from the EU for the UK and it will not be in favour of any of the parties. Now what was the essence of all the affair of separating from the bloc was to implement own rules and regulations for Cargo to Pakistan through the sea and air cargo. And for a Canadian style deal which Boris Johnson wants this is not what is going to be accepted by the bloc. There are huge differences in the demands of the two sides. Still, participants are optimistic to handle the situation in an optimistic way.

But is EU ready to copy a deal

No not for now EU is not ready to duplicate any deal as the case is UK is not Canada or Australia so the deal has to be unique to the UK. EU is also not in a hurry to sign any deal and in the case of the UK, it is in a hurry. One thing which EU warns is that if something is decided on urgent bases then it will be done there will be no change in it afterwards and the consequence will be on the UK side. The problem where things come to a halt is the Irish border through which the EU and UK are connected and in the final deal, this is where things are not getting decided.

Are neighbours expecting cash help?

Actually not really but that can happen. The reason is that the EU has not been a great help to the member states until now. So as the pandemic recession is over there has to be a regain period. And to put things back in place some help is needed. EU could grab cash from the UK but Britain does not have it for help. As the country is already on borrow state to keep things in control. The government of the UK is also sure that whenever the time is over there are enough measures that have been taken so the country could get back on track very soon. A potential rescue package deal was to be given to the EU countries but the consent was not reached. And now the member states are asked to make rescue plans.

Time duration is important

Deals which Boris Johnson talks about or the government, on the whole, took lots of trials to get to the final shape. So if he wants that much perfection then time will be needed. Also if a no-deal conclusion is reached a surge in tariffs will result in loss. This means that the big bloc with which the trade size is among the biggest is lost which is not a good sign.

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