UK is interested in rise of Cargo to Pakistan

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27 Feb 2018
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Growing economy and aspirant population are major factors

Pakistan imports are more than its exports and most of these imports are from developed countries including the United Kingdom. With growing economy needs of local industry and people are also growing.

One of the largest world populations that mainly includes of young people that are much interested in foreign high-end products also a reason for UK companies to focus this market.

Cargo to Pakistan from UK is not a big deal the usual procedure can be followed and somewhat similar number of documentation is needed. Help can be sought from different entities that are present in both countries to offer updated information regarding to sending commodities to either country.

The most recent figures at Port Qasim international container terminal are also indicating the same trend of more imports than exports. Capacity at seaports and airports of the country has also been on the rise to catch up with the growing handling activity at cargo areas.

Air freight industry needs to be flexible at times of high demand

Air freight industry was not expecting the sharp increase in demand in last quarter of previous year. That was not sustainable increase in demand so a wise approach was required to plan for any such recurrence.

Air cargo industry has admitted its failure to meet the needs at that even in presence of big names. Availability was scarce and pressure kept mounting due to bookings and international orders around the globe.

People are now ready to pay for quick and in time delivery of their products and this obviously, result in engagement of air freight forwarders. There is no reason to refuse to admit this failure because professionalism demands you to be ready for next time.

It is easy to get market information but finding a local partner is even better

The dearth of handling staff, shortage of space and misreading the peak season demand were quite hurting. Exporters in Britain are now well aware of shortcomings of air cargo sector so they plan in advance.

New companies that are ready to find the place for their goods in markets like Pakistan get all relevant information. They also try to find a local partner so that risk element could be minimized.

There is a huge potential of foreign goods in the country and the companies already sending their items to this market are showing encouraging results. They are also reinstating their position and expanding to other big cities.

Rates of courier companies may vary

Air cargo companies that book shipments at lower rates always the priority of every client but they may not Ministry of  Transport every type of material or product. Competition is getting tougher with the advent of every new service provider so clients do not find the big difference in rates when it comes to bigger consignments.

Small individual parcels that are booked by courier companies may observe considerable variations as some of them enjoy great repute than others. So they charge more but finally, a trader goes to a source that is cheaper and secure at the same time.

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