UK and Pakistan are improving their Trade Ties

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15 Oct 2019
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Cargo trade

You can call a courier or cargo company and ask for a collection of a parcel from your doorstep

The United Kingdom has a strong industrial base and has been exporting its goods, machinery and services to many countries around the world. Figures of UK trade with Pakistan are not presenting the true potential of bilateral exchange of goods so both sides are conscious to improve their ties in this regard.

Sending small parcels either commercial or individual is quite simple. You can call a cargo company and ask for the collection of a parcel from your doorstep for door to door cargo service or can make a booking online while telling the time of collection of the consignment. Rates due to the competition are competitive and it is an advantage to the user of cargo services.

Furthermore to keep clients loyal companies keep improving their services. Veteran companies have strong footings but new companies by better use of technology are also making a strong impression in the market.

Sea Cargo

Sea Cargo

Cargo clearing agents also play an important role and when items in a consignment require certain documentation and other clearances then their role is quite important as they facilitate receivers by providing them with their services.

Containers are also booked

UK to Pakistan cargo companies also demand required documentation from senders and on the provision of these they forward a consignment but real issue is at the clearance of it. Containers are also booked and after reaching the destination are cleared by receivers through their customs agents.

Both UK and Pakistan are keen to reduce the number of required documents for goods transported between the two so that traders on both sides can receive their goods without delay.

Procedures are being made simple and the use of technology is encouraged in the cargo industry for smooth and fast movement. Efficient tracking is another desired feature of the service.

Airfreight service is surely quite swift

Air and sea cargo are also competing with each other and to win more business in improving their standards. Airfreight service is surely quite swift but at the same time not cheap on the other hand ocean cargo has lessened its time of delivery while keeping the price low.

In this way, competition is not only within air freight service providers or ocean cargo service providers but also between these two as well. In the coming years, ocean cargo could become swift and transporting goods by aeroplanes could be cheaper than today.

Trade volume between the United Kingdom and Pakistan

Traders use different means to introduce their goods in new markets and after positive feedback starts exporting the same in new markets. For this they use cargo services and more trade means more business for these companies.

Trade volume between the United Kingdom and Pakistan is steady but can be improved with dedicated efforts. Regular meetings of officials and frequent interaction between business communities have been making a difference. In coming years the strong relation of decades would be translated into strong trade partnership.

Britain leaving the single market economy will also help it to improve its trade ties freely with the rest of the world. It is rightly hoped that after leaving Europe British trade with the whole world will improve in numbers.

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