Top 10 Biggest cargo ships in the World (Part 2 of 2)

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18 Dec 2017
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Top 10 Cargo Ships

Sea cargo is the largest way of cargo handling across the globe. Find out the largest cargo ships in the world here.

As it is very clear that sea cargo is the oldest and largest way of cargo handling across the globe. Even now, the world has developed to the extreme level and man is using the number of advanced sources for passenger mobility and cargo handling. All those sources that man has developed, still not account for more than 5 percent of total cargo handling.

Sea cargo handles more than 95 percent of the entire volume of global cargo and containers have a vital role in this field. However, now the race is towards making the largest and economical ships that can carry thousands of tons of cargo in the first turn. What are the largest container ships and cargo carriers across the globe, is a pleasing factor to know in today’s world.

The container shipping industry holds a large place in the world of cargo, it handles around 90% of the international cargo apart from bulk cargo and crude oil etc. In step with the global Chamber of transport, more than 50,000 ships that handle bulk cargo, tankers, while on the other hand, container ships are presently vexed in the trade, transporting millions of tons of quite a lot of forms of cargo on daily basis. Actually, the entry of extra container ship to the market has largely transformed the shape of worldwide shipping over the past years.

The container ships, under the classification of the vessels, fabricated exceptionally to handle massive quantities of cargo compacted in special forms of 20 feet containers. The container ships are categorized into incomparable varieties according to its size and carrying capacity and many others factors considered too.

At the bent, there are seven types of container ships offered across the globe, together with the small feeder, feeder, feeder max, Panamax, post-Panamax, New Panamax and ultra-large Panamax. With a carrying potential of more than Twenty-Feet equaling Unit (TEU), the leading-edge container ships have radically redefined the freight transport in oceans. Here now we have compiled a list of the sector’s biggest container ships, ranked in their size and capacity of carrying loads and length, amongst others in 2017.

 10.TI Class Supertanker


BUILDERS:           Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, Okpo-dong, South Korea

Built:                    2002–2003


SHIP TYPE:          Ultra Large Crude Carrier

CAPACITY:           3,166,353 barrels (503,409,900 L)

TONNAGE:          234,006 GT, 162,477 NT, 441,585 DWT

SPEED:                 16.5 knots (30.6 km/h, 20.0 mph) (laden)

TI class Supertanker as it’s easily identifiable from its large title, the super tanker is definitely a giant size ship on this planet and being a tanker, it is being used to carry dead weight and quantity of crude oil, so it is viewed as most tempting and leading ships for moving colossal amount of crude oil and different gigantic amount of materials as dead weight of this giant ship is set at 440,000 tones together with its giant speed ability which is between sixteen to twenty knots while carrying that massive amount of dead weight, so it’s viewed as master and enormous ship wherein big and contemporary engineering is used. If we talk about the same type of ships on the earth, there are only four of them with double hulls. All of them called supertankers and additionally, the biggest ships on this planet. So the size of this mighty ship is not less than 380 meters in length.

9.CMA CGM Marco Polo


BUILDERS:           Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, South Korea

BUILT:                  November 2012

CAPACITY:           16,020 TEU, 1,100 TEU reefers

TONNAGE:          175,343 GT, 85,361 NT, 187,625 DWT

SHIP TYPE:           Explorer-class container ship

IN SERVICE:        2012 – PRESENT

SPEED:                 25.1 knots (46.5 km/h; 28.9 mph)

This the explorer class cargo ship or simply you can identify it as an E-class container ship, under the flag of CMA CGM, the Marco Polo is registered in the UK. The CMA CGM Marco Polo as its title shows that it is owned by CMA CGM group. Its ninth position in the list of top 10 largest container ships shows that it is far bigger than the TI class supertanker ships. At the end of 2012, it has accomplished the function of being the most important container ship on the earth with the aid of its size and by beating the Emma Maersk in the potential of offering the container cargo throughout the globe.

When it comes to the container capacity of the CMA CGM Marco Polo, it may possibly carry sixteen thousand and twenty (TEU) twenty feet equivalent containers directly. In February 2013, the CMA CGM Marco Polo was packed down with the Maersk Triple E 4 class container capability of 18,270 twenty-foot equivalent containers. It’s a 400 meters long container ship which is more than four meters larger in size than the CMA CGM Marco Polo or another similar ship. The CMA CGM Marco Polo used to be entitled after Venetian explorer and tourist Marco Polo who was one of the vital explorers on the earth in the history, just like Vasco De Gama and Columbus.



BUILDERS:           Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, South Korea

BUILT:                  April 2013

CAPACITY:           16,020 TEU

TONNAGE:          175,343 GT, 101,053 NT, 186,470 DWT

SHIP TYPE:           Container ship

IN SERVICE:        2013 – PRESENT

SPEED:                 25.1 knots (46.5 km/h; 28.9 mph)

CMA CGM Von Humboldt is also one of the biggest ships that are also considered as Explorer class container ship but it was planned to name after the world explorer Vasco da Gama but now changed its name. It has started working recently since 2103.

The total length of this mighty masterpiece is about 396 meters and the dead weight of this CMA CGM Von Humboldt is also about 187,700 tons of dead weight as it has also more than 28 knots speed and also large capacity that is been used for oil and many other larger sized things to export and import. Apart from its size and capacity of carrying thousands of tons of cargo, it is also one of most beautiful cargo ships as well.

7.Madison Maersk (EEE) or Triple E class

BUILDERS:           Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, South Korea

BUILT:                  2011

CAPACITY:           18,340 TEU

TONNAGE:          165,000 DWT

SHIP TYPE:           Container ship

IN SERVICE:        2011 – PRESENT

SPEED:                 Design Cruise: 16 knots, Max: 23 knots

The first VLCV class container ship or Very Large Container Vessel class in the list of the 10 biggest cargo ships has arrived. It is an officially introduced one of the very large container vessels that is in brief called VLCV in the transport world. It’s Maersk Madison EEE or Triple E container vessel built with the aid of the South Korean Ship Construction and Marine Engineering firm named Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering in 2014.

It was not the only ship which was built at Daewoo Shipbuilding yard, there have been a number of different container ships including Maribo Maersk, Matz Maersk, Marstal Maersk, Magleby Maersk, and Mayview Maersk have been additionally being built at Daewoo Shipbuilding yards. All of those sister ships had been constructed at very improved architecture and advanced propulsion approach to save fuel, the three-ship out of the whole lot expanded dynamic points and lessen fuel consumption. The Madison Maersk EEE or Triple E class container ship has a capacity of 18,340 twenty-foot equivalent unit containers and is further lodged with 1800 reefer plugs as well.

6.CMA CGM Vasco De Gama


BUILDERS:           Shanghai Jiangnan Changxing Heavy Industry, China

BUILT:                  July 2015

CAPACITY:           17,859 TEU

TONNAGE:          178,228 GT, 116,356 NT, 184,700 DWT

SHIP TYPE:           container ship

IN SERVICE:        2015 – PRESENT

SPEED:                 22.9 knots (42.4 km/h; 26.4 mph)

The significantly massive and gigantic size CMA CGM owned ship Vasco de Gama is a container ship and is named after Portuguese explorer Vasco de Gama who was the first ever European to discover India in the fifteenth century. It is another E-class or Explorer class container ship owned and developed for CMA CGM group. CMA CGM had at the start no longer scheduled to call the ship after Vasco de Gama however it was once Benjamin Franklin planned to give honor. In July 2015, the CMA CGM Vasco de Gama container ship was delivered as the part of the largest container ships across the globe. The CMA CGM Vasco de Gama has the container cargo ability of around 17,859 twenty-foot equivalent containers.

The capacity of 17,859 Twenty-foot equivalent containers. Maersk Triple E four class is a four hundred meters long container ship, while the CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin has a calculated length of 399 meters. There are several other ships of the same class are under construction and the first 5 ships are 365 meters long with a nominal potential of carrying the cargo containers of 13,300 TEU as a base cargo capacity, the last three explorer class container carriers are larger than the older ones, with the length of around 396 meters and sixteen thousand and twenty TEU, making them the world’s biggest container ships unless the supply of the Maersk Triple E class container carriers. As the triple E class cargo ships are most advanced cargo vessels ever built. These vessels are designed to develop the overall economy of scale in the sea cargo industry, in terms of fuel economy, cargo carrying capacity and environment-friendly features. To check out Part 1 of this infographic click here.

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