The UK can meet demands of Pakistan cargo Industry

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23 Jul 2018
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UK to Pakistan

United Kingdom Cargo industry is concerned about the changes taking place


UK government is committed with free trade and would continue its support to promote this stand all over the world. UK cargo to Pakistan is getting benefit from this and helping the traders to export more around the world.

Pakistan is a lucrative destination because of opening up of the economy and now almost all sectors are welcoming foreign investment. With this push, new industries are setting up in newly developed special economic zones.

Pakistan’s import of heavy machinery is a major portion of its total bill of imports and the United Kingdom has the capacity to fulfill the needs of this booming economy. It ultimately gives a boost to freight forwarding activity on the ports and cargo companies get more business.

There are many companies in different parts of England offer services to send small commercial parcels to large container size shipments to all major cities of Pakistan. Clients have easy access to these services and they can choose the most appropriate one for them.

Cargo airlines and freight forwarders are also giving their input

Details of their cargo services are available to everyone and if you are only collecting information for future consignments then it would be very handy. Now a day cargo companies are quite concerned about Brexit and the situation afterward because most of the trade is with EU.

They are keen to get surety of smooth transition of affairs and a clear policy addressing concerns of this industry. Cargo airlines and freight forwarders are also giving their input as they have stakes as well. So the coming months are quite crucial and after that things would settle down.

Chemicals, scrap and used cars export to Pakistan

Chemical exports to Pakistan from the UK also forms a considerable part of total volume and with the expansion of the manufacturing industry, this would also increase. But it is not an ordinary transportation of goods it requires special care and certain precautions.

Export of liquids is not carried out by all so limited options are available to the people in this business. The other major commodity is scrap and its containers are in huge number transported to this South Asian nation.

Cost of this service is always critical and impacts the rates at a destination that is why in peak times or season such containers are delayed. A number of used cars exported to Pakistan are also increasing every year and businessmen can focus on automobile sector too to reap the advantages of demand of this new market.

Measures to boost two-way trade

Several measures at different levels are taken by the authorities to find out possibilities of volume increase of goods transportation. Through negotiations and round of talks, the two countries have been finding new ways to give rise to the volume of bilateral trade.

Exchange of groups of businessmen is, in fact, an opportunity for them to know how they can start trade in new sectors or in those areas that have right potential. Holding exhibitions is another way to know what things can be introduced in their respective markets.

Whatever sector increases its volume it is the cargo industry that will be benefited from it.

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