The UK at the rescue for Pakistan Health Sector

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4 Mar 2019
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Becoming problematic for one and favourable for the other

The UK is the second big investor in Pakistan by trading and sending cargo to Pakistan and this shows how much contribution it has an economy of this country. Health care sector is the most important one and providing this facility at an affordable price is a big issue.

Pakistan does have such centres but they are very few according to the need of the growing population. In addition, especially in rural areas, the need is very severe. UK government has shown willingness in constructing 25 hospitals.

These will be near big cities so that the rural area population can access them easily. In addition, these will provide health care services at fewer prices according to the people going to be treated in them. The UK is going to invest $250 in this area and interest is shown in doing more business in the country.

The scope of Business in Pakistan

Till now China is the number one investor in the country, a little change will be a good one. More business will bring people closer and more in contact which will improve the way these both think about each other.

In the past, there has been political as well as terrorist activity unrest in the country but now things are way much under control. These things matter a lot when a foreign country wants to do business in the land.


Chairman PBBC Julian Barns has shown a positive attitude for expanding this area further. Also, there are factors which make things easier for the British businessmen to interact with locals.

Helping factors involved

Three things come first when you want to attract an outsider to invest in your land. The language plays an important role in communicating, which is not a problem over here as both parties have English as a common language.

Some people who are not much educated may find it difficult but there is always help present to communicate as many do understand and speak the language well. Then comes the understanding of how a firm or an office can be established.

This is easier as the sister organization of PBBC is there in Pakistan known as PCBC which provides help in any way it can. The third thing is the area where a business is going to be established which also not a problem is as there are fewer complications in Pakistan regarding this also.

Then why not there is advancement till now

Well in Pakistan also as any third world country, there is a high rate of corruption. Many things are getting improvement but still, there is a lot to be done in order to make things work as they should be.

There were foreign investments before and there were projects before but still, the scenario is the same. Hopefully, the present government does act upon its words and make Pakistan a place which it once was.

Because only when the companies and people from outside the country know that their money is not going into personal accounts things are done for the welfare of states. There is a lot of potential in the country but there is still a long way to reach that standard.

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