Parcel Delivery in Pakistan

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7 Feb 2017
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Parcel Box

 Up to standard and express parcel delivery anywhere in Pakistan from UK Pakistan and UK are involved for a long time now in trade and exchange of cargo in any shape. Sending parcels from UK to Pakistan is very common now and as many people live in UK for one reason or another, they like […]

Door to Door Cargo Service from UK to Pakistan

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10 Jan 2017
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Door to Door Parcel

A convenient service with great responsibility to facilitate the customers. It is a very convenient service for the customers of UK to send parcels or heavy cargo to Pakistan. In this age of fast life people want to spare time in any way possible to have extra time to look into other matters. People love […]

European Confirmation to Acquire TNT Express

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1 Aug 2015
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FedEx Corporation

European Union officials should rule on FedEx Corporation’s proposal to purchase Dutch logistics company TNT Express by Aug 3. On Friday, June 26, FedEx submitted an important letter to the European Commission to acquire governing confirmation order for the approximately $5 billion purchase of TNT Express. It is a prime agreement in a 42-year business history […]

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