UK Cargo Industry Welcomes Brexit Draft

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26 Nov 2018
By admin
UK to Pakistan

For physical goods, there is a properly developed procedure which varies from region to region With some very conditions of Brexit deal which has been shared with the parliament, it would not be easy to forge cargo trade relation with absolute liberty. But still it is under process and nothing has been finalized. The voice […]

Rise in Cargo shipments to Pakistan from UK

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27 Jan 2018
By admin
Cargo Services

Improvement in relation between two countries always result in enhanced trade As trade relations between two countries get strengthened more Cargo goods transportation activity has been observed on their ports. The flow of numerous types of items from Britain to Pakistan has increased in recent years and there is a potential of further increase. That […]

UK exports to non EU countries on the rise

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28 Nov 2017
By admin
UK to Non-EU

Pakistan has become good selling place for goods produced in Britain Growing economic conditions of a country also accelerate international trade and same is happening with South Asian nations for a number of years. Cargo to Pakistan from the UK has increased in recent years due to the substantial rise in demand. Centuries-old relations between […]

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