Top 10 Biggest cargo ships in the World (Part 2 of 2)

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18 Dec 2017
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Top 10 Cargo Ships

Sea cargo is the largest way of cargo handling across the globe. Find out the largest cargo ships in the world here. As it is very clear that sea cargo is the oldest and largest way of cargo handling across the globe. Even now, the world has developed to the extreme level and man is […]

Two Cargo Ships Collided at Port of Piraeus

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2 Feb 2016
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Cargo Ships

Both of these cargo ships are owned by Greek companies La Joie, a general cargo ship, at Port of Piraeus approach collided with Ahti R, a sea cargo freighter. It has not been confirmed that the freighter was carrying the sea cargo Pakistan or some other country. But the initial reports so state big swell […]

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