Shippers want a Transparent and Direct Connection with Cargo Airlines

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22 Mar 2016
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Shippers demand transparency and direct dealing with airlines for the booking of their air cargo shipments.

It will give them more access to the air cargo industry for the booking of their freight deliveries.

According to the spokesperson of The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA), shippers should be allowed more access in the air cargo industry for direct connection with the airlines. This direct access to the airlines will be fruitful for the direct booking of the freight consignments.

Transparency is required during the air cargo booking process

The statement of the Lars Droog, the head of EMEA Supply Chain for Tosoh Corp demonstrates the limited access with airlines. He complained that in spite of investing millions in the air cargo industry, but he has no direct access to the airline. According to him, EMEA Supply Chain for chemicals company is spending more money on the tickets and in the air cargo bookings but despite of the fact that we have no direct contact with the airline and we get referred to the airline agent.

According to the head of EMEA Supply Chain for Tosoh Corp, Mr Droog transparency in the process of the cargo booking is very compulsory for the more success in the business. Work in collaboration, transparency and direct communication with the airline during the cargo booking process will make the supply chain business more effective and efficient.

The shipper must be free about the airline choice for the transportation of the freight. During the freight forwarding process, the role of the freight forwarders cannot be underrated because they play an important role in the connection between the logistics and the customs clearance especially during the shipping of the hazardous goods. But the model could alter when it comes to air cargo bookings with the help of freight forwarders.

Perhaps the freight forwarders could take a fixed percentage of the air freight share. MrDroogvice chairman of EVO’s Airfreight and Express Council stated that the profit margins for the airlines could improve when the pricing would be more transparent and airlines were willing to deal directly with shippers.

Why TIACA establish a Shippers’ Advisory Council

TIACA and MrDroog are tempting for more shippers to join the new shipper’s advisory council, which is expected to be formed by the executive conference event.

TIACA has established a Shippers’ Advisory Council in a bid to ensure that shippers are properly represented in the air freight chain.

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