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7 Feb 2017
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 Up to standard and express parcel delivery anywhere in Pakistan from UK

Pakistan and UK are involved for a long time now in trade and exchange of cargo in any shape. Sending parcels from UK to Pakistan is very common now and as many people live in UK for one reason or another, they like to send tokens of remembrance to their loved ones in Pakistan from time to time.

Pakistani culture is very rich in its different celebrations and the year is loaded with occasions that become a reason for people to send gifts back home. Certain things make up the process of parcel delivery.

Generally the whole process is speedy, but in some cases it gets slow due to custom clearance or when a specific document is needed from the authorities to clear the entrance of an object.

The building of airport at Gwadar is another initiative that will not only prove to be a separate cargo hub but also a better connectivity will be present with the world for trade purposes. As UK is now helping Pakistan to complete certain projects associated with CPEC, it will further prove to be a trade enhancer between the two countries.

 What to Consider before sending Parcels to Pakistan?

Stressing on the point to know the procedures and details is always for the convenience of the customer, so that any last minute missing details do not interrupt the swift parcel delivery service.

 Customs Clearance:

The procedure of custom clearance always creates problem one way or another if a proper professional help is not utilized.

Some companies have their own hired people specifically for the job which makes the work easy as they make sure that the job is done smoothly and at no point should the parcel gets delayed.

Sending Documents:

People send documents through courier or cargo services to Pakistan, which reaches them on time with the least possible time and secure delivery. As documents are not liable to custom clearance they are delivered as quickly as possible.

There are certain packages one can utilize to send documents. Weighing less than one kg has different envelope service while a heavy document has different requirements.


Delivery time:

One thing should be kept in mind is that what type of goods are being transferred and where. These two questions are very important to decide that how much time the consignment will take to reach its destination. For example, a simple recognized item that is to be delivered to the nearest city from the port will take less time.

While the one which is labeled as dangerous or is a product that is only given permission under special circumstances will also take time as special documentation will be needed. Otherwise the delivery depends on the connectivity with local freighters that take the cargo from airport or port to the ultimate consignee.

Make Prior Arrangements:

Do not be blunt in sending anything against the rules and regulations of Pakistan state, as if by any mean you are successful to send a prohibited cargo to Pakistan. It will not get pass from the custom clearance due to strict policies of Pakistan Government, which will not be the fault of the cargo company as you were supposed to take care of that area.

Make sure that what you are sending is according to what the authorities agree to be taken in or if it is highly important to export that item then consult the higher authorities for permission.

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