Pakistan Cargo 4u UK and TCS Come Together to Deliver Cargo to Pakistan Efficiently

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24 Nov 2016
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PC4U TCS Joins Hands

The Best Cargo Service to Pakistan From UK Partners with the Best Cargo Service in Pakistan

When PC4U launched its services, it was a huge sigh of relief for customers in UK who wanted to send cargo to Pakistan via a trustworthy company.

PC4U provides an exceptional level of services for its respected customers all over the UK. We strive really hard to give you the cheapest rates on air, sea and door to door cargo from UK to Pakistan.

And now we are about to take this service to a whole new level. We have now joined hands with TCS Pakistan to deliver cargo from UK to all over Pakistan and Azaad Kashmir.

We believe this new partnership will enhance our cargo delivering abilities as TCS is a household name and is the best cargo service in Pakistan. The new partnership will allow us to further improve our services in Pakistan.

We believe that we can meet your cargo needs with our high standards, flexibility to meet your needs and cheapest cargo rates. We endeavour to continue offering you a great service in the future.

Will the new partnership see a hike in cargo prices?

No, not at all. There will be no price increase in cargo prices and we will keep on serving you with cheapest cargo prices from UK to Pakistan.


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