New Trade Deals, New Standards by the UK

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26 Apr 2019
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British government focusing on the new challenges trying to gain trust

A new era is going to start and this could be a game changer in the history of the UK. After 40 years of bond with the EU, this country is going to be an independent entity. There will be no foreign rules to obey and everything can be decided within the boundaries.

Prime Minister Theresa May is after an appropriate deal with EU so as to not shut down the trade from that block. For the rest of the world, the new things may seem a threat to their dealing with the UK but it is a different story for the country itself.

UK to Pakistan Cargo

UK to Pakistan Cargo

To get hold of internal affairs and make rules then implement them as it should be in an independent state promotes nice vibes. There are always two faces of a story and for Brexit, there are certainly really good and necessary boundaries going to be exercised after it happens.

Theresa May, the prime minister is making every effort to gain the trust of her own party members and the member of the parliament. Only when the time comes situation really becomes clear.

A major shift in trade and foreign policy

This scenario will sure to be an important turn in the history of this country. If the vote of confidence goes in favour of Theresa May, then the exit will happen on 29th March as it is under the conditions formulated with Brussels. But if this does not happen the following days will prove to be devastating for the British economy and trade especially sending cargo to Pakistan.

But let’s not be too much negative as this lady is not a joke you can laugh away with. She has taken a major step for the country and for sure she has plans to do it right. After following the same policies for about 40 plus years there is finally going to be something excited to look forward to for the people and traders also.

Emotions playing their game with many

Well to maintain some ties with EU for the sake of not restricting trade with the member countries does not seem to be a very negative prospect though. But those who are thinking another way around see it a semi-independent state.

Trade facilitation

Trade facilitation

But the truth is that for the sake of stability in the country things have to come slow and study and this is what the PM is doing for now. 40 years is a long time period and changing things will take time. And to merge old ones with new ones and then shift to a totally new system will be a good idea.

Future plan as seen apparently

What Theresa May is insisting upon, according to her, is an optimistic approach for the traders who are afraid of heightened tariffs or new rules. It is to give them the confidence in doing their work again without thinking that the new restrictions from the EU on borders is going to give a major blow to their businesses.

According to her, the deal will give a nice friendly environment among the UK and EU and also the freedom of doing trade with the rest of the world. But all this will happen after the majority agrees upon it.

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