New Challenges and Volatility of the Air Cargo Industry

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21 Feb 2020
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Transportation charges of these goods are higher than those for which

Different sorts of cargo are transported to a destination around the world. Most sensitive among them are temperature-sensitive goods which include medicines and eatables with lots of others.

Special arrangements are made for these items on airports so that their temperature can be maintained to ensure their quality till delivery to receivers. Other items of lesser shelf life are also taken good care of.

Transportation charges of these goods are higher than those for which you do not need to set the condition of a certain temperature. Air cargo facility is the best for this kind of transportation as it takes lesser time and can afford to fulfil conditions to ensure quality till delivery.

Pharmaceutical trade is getting affected by trends of the Air Cargo Industry and with the start of the new decade, it is expected that new trends will emerge while some older will continue.

These will shape up the transport of medicine from one destination to the other. It is also an effort on part of traders involves in these items to find an alternative to air freight services as price pressure and increasing automation is also observed.

The other possibility could be more resources

Climate change phenomenon will soon also grip the air freight industry as air crafts are using fossil fuels which are causing damage to the environment. A renowned climate protection activist has abandoned travelling through airlines and using trains to reach destinations, this practice has been followed by many in Sweden as reported by Bloomberg.

Cargo Airlines

Cargo Airlines

This could also impact the transportation of medicines through air freight. The other possibility could be more resources for the air Freight Industry to have more fuel-efficient carriers as well as those air-crafts which could use other fuels. The air freight forwarders need to build their image by ensuring the usage of eco-friendly models.

The UK is now more at liberty

So in an ever-changing world, a proactive approach is a must for the survival of any industry. The UK is a hub of trade has to respond to such concerns immediately so that the rest of the world could follow and make necessary adjustments.

The UK is now more at liberty to decide its matters as it has quit the European single market. Only time will tell how this decision would affect the United Kingdom but presently both sides are keen to prove their stance right.

With a reduction in demand for air freight

UK exports to Pakistan and other emerging economies of the world will improve in good numbers as there is great potential in these countries to absorb products and machinery produced in the country.

A transition period of Brexit will start this year and tariff war between European countries and the United States could hamper targets of the air freight industry. With a reduction in demand for air freight capacity of this sector will also lessen.

If we could remember only a couple of years back in peak season there was a shortage of air cargo space and many analysts thought to enhance the capacity of the air freight industry. This volatility of air cargo industry demands careful decision making.

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