Maersk Line Cargo to get Weather Forecasts Through Weathernews Inc.

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12 Apr 2016
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Maersk line enters into a three years contract with worlds’ largest privately owned weather company for weather alerts

Weathernews Inc., the world’s biggest privately owned climate and weather news enterprise, is proud to furnish weather routing services from UK to Pakistan and across the globe, port forecasts and other climate pushed chance conversation services to Maersk Line and Maersk Tankers, for defence and bunker saving purposes.

Operating from five international operations facilities, Weathernews Inc. will furnish steady monitoring and communique year-round 24 hours a day for Maersk vessels with its most effective Ship Routeing service.

Niels Bruus, Head of Fleet performance, Maersk Line said that Maersk Line has started a number of strategic initiatives to license world class bunker effectivity for their fleet and reduce carbon footprint. Maersk wish the frontline to take possession to optimize bunker utilization via presenting them with the right instruments and tactics. Weather performs a central role each from a safety as good as a performance perspective. Looking ahead, partnering with Weathernews Inc. Will furnish our vessels with the aid and knowledge of a world weather company and help us secure a safe and strong operation of our network.

At Maersk Tankers, our goal has dependably been to run a lucrative oil transport business alongside decreasing the impact on environment. That’s completed by means of utilizing energy efficient ships operated with raw philosophy which means that ship’s routing and fleet’s fuel usage is cautiously monitored, and steps are taken to diminish fuel consumption therefore the reduction in CO2 emissions.

A longer term collaboration with weather routing provider Weathernews is one other step in path of making improvements to our green credentials. Flairs from Weathernews will aid us in making precise that our vessels use the minimum feasible fuel on any given route between ports via reducing the effect of weather delays at sea and ports at the side of bettering defence of vessels, crew on-board and cargo ships elevate world extensive. Bjarne Foldager, international Head of Operations, Maersk Tankers

Last June, Weathernews based a new Voyage Planning service centre in Copenhagen with the intention to cater to the wants of the European shipping industry. Getting this chance to begin working with Maersk staff, Weathernews, Inc. Will be in close communication and information exchange provide steady help for Maersk staff’s entire fleet operations 24 hours a day, 365-days a year from Weathernews’s international community of operations centres in around the world.

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