Eastern Star ship Accident! 60 Officers Appointed for Investigations

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23 Jun 2015
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Rest-in-peace Eastern Star


A 60 member committee has been appointed to find the reasons behind the Eastern Star mishap


The Chinese government has commissioned an investigation team in order to look at the real reason of the sinking of Eastern Star ship. The authorities in charge have commissioned 60 investigative officials to find the reasons behind it.

The Oriental Star or EasternStar, capsized in a sea storm last week and turned upright when operation teams reached there. It is the most disastrous accident in the history of Chinese maritime for the last 70 years. The ship was carrying 456 passengers on board and only 14 passengers and the crew hardly managed to survive in this disaster. This tragedy left 396 confirmed deaths and 40 missing passengers and has been named as the worst shipping disaster in the history of Communist rule.

The Chinese government has assembled an investigation team of sixty professionals and officials to find the reasons behind the capsizing of Eastern Star cruise in the Yangtze River in Central China.

Law and climatology professionals are also available for assistance along with Chongqing and Hubei officers and the China Meteorological Administration. The officials have started the investigation immediately and during the initial investigation, the officials collected evidences from surviving passengers, crew and witnesses. These evidences then combined to over two hundred documents.

Administration said in a statement that every piece of video, footage, eyewitness account and every last detail and evidence is important for investigation.

The causes behind the ships accident are unknown. There are approximately 323 items to be claimed including toys, jewelry, purses and suitcases at the Jianli funeral home and Hubei Province, stated by Xinhua News Agency.

China Insurance Regulatory Commission has started the disbursing process to the 340 insurance policy members. The payout is 92.52 million yuan; the Eastern Star gets 15.7 million yuan, 12 million is to be collected by the travel agencies and 60 million yuan goes to the victims’ families.



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