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13 Dec 2016
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Air Cargo

 Diverse air services for different cargo items.

There are many advantages of sending cargo through air. One of which is that for every category of item the air service have a different category. And then the handling and charges are located according to the category. Some articles need special care and have to be handled carefully for a safe one piece delivery to Pakistan, for others handling is not a problem. Air cargo rates are allocated according to the weight of the cargo and volume is not included. Volume is considered to transfer the cargo accordingly.

Air freight is faster and economical and has advantage over safety and on time delivery. People send their valuables through air cargo and want the delivery on time. For this, the airline divides items according to the nature and transfers them accordingly. The size, weight and type of the cargo determine the rates for transporting.

 Daily Movement category:

Household and organisation item fall in this category that are delivered on daily basis. The goods included are household accessories, appliances and furniture. These items need special care and customers want speedy delivery with special care. People use the air service when moving to another place and want safe delivery of their household items to Pakistan. The cost of this category is also simple and complex taxes are kept apart.

 Support Class Category:

This category includes items that need overnight delivery. Small packages, letters, parcels and the things that require express shipping are included in this category. Mostly these items include daily routine items one want to send to family or office letters. Family items can include dresses, routine use accessories.

No special care has to be taken in handling these items as they are very small and are easily carried. The freight company sends them in customised packaging and there are less chances of excess baggage. These items are scheduled for delivery on day to day basis and are usually handled under a separate section within the cargo company. The cost incurred is usually dependant on the number of items which are being shipped on daily basis.

Heavy cargo:

The size of the cargo is more than the routine and it takes several days to reach the destination. The ground distance that the cargo has to cover is much more than the air time. To reach the air freight service provider the goods have to travel by road to reach the aeroplane service as when the cargo has to come from another city or town. It takes more time to reach the air freighter and then the destination.

In such a shipment the air cargo plane has to travel through 100 of miles to reach the air port from where the goods are taken by road to the consignee. The air freighter may also give you other services as truck loading when the size of the shipment is very large.

Even train services have to be availed to transfer the commodities for a comparatively quick service as train takes less time to reach the destination than by road. The rate for cargo shipment is determined by the type, size and the time expected by the freighter to reach the destination.

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