Cargo Traffic to Pakistan can be Increased

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4 Oct 2017
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UK Pakistan Cargo

Pakistanis are quite willing to purchase foreign products

UK exporters need to focus more on the needs of local population and industrial sector to improve trade with Pakistan. With healthy business environment and policies, this South Asian nation has turned around its economy into a progressive one. At present tilt of trade between these two countries has been in favor of Pakistan as Pakistan exports are over one billion US dollars that is almost double of volume of exports of United Kingdom for the country. To balance this deficit scope is too wide and different kinds of assistances are also available from institutes established in both countries.

Modernizing of different sectors is happening and to support this process latest equipment and technology can be provided from European trade giant. Communication has never been an issue for people in these countries that is why dealing is smooth to make most of the opportunities development has created in the region.

It is time for development

South Asia has been the most underdeveloped part and now experts are predicting its rapid growth that is quite evident. Apart from routine, items there, is needed to concentrate on new needs of the growing power sector and other daily consumable items.

Tariffs are encouraging for the foreign companies to start their businesses and promote their presence in the whole region that can be connected through Pakistan. Millions of young aspiring population is main target for the innovative companies and access to modern means of information has opened up the world for them so they demand the best products.

Innovative thinking can find new products for the market

Total imports of Pakistan are over forty billion dollars last year and there is strong likelihood of increase in demand of more machinery and other items to build economy on modern lines. Infrastructure is another basic requirement and to coop with this Britain is ready to invest and provide professional expertise. New Gawadar Port is deep water port and big ships now carry goods to the country that would certainly lower down sea cargo rates for Pakistan and increase Pak Cargo Services. Though the port has not been made fully functional, but ships have started to park there to load and unload cargo containers.

Untiring efforts to manage post Brexit

Efforts from both sides have been made to form a joint working group to shape up trade ties that encompasses the whole economy for the maximum benefits. Now UK is seriously looking beyond Europe so every region has been targeted to keep up production of local firms.

Good political relations between the countries allow them to think of taking steps that are beneficial for business communities. UK government has responded positively to all the efforts from other side to move forward. The arduous looking activity is quite simple and being facilitated to push the exporters for more and more activity. At the moment, every planning is with the foreseeing of post Brexit era and to grow the economy further instead of any stagnation. Sixth largest population is certainly a market with potential buyers.

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