Australia Puts a Ban on Indonesian Cargo Ship

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2 Nov 2015
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Noah Satu

Noah Satu, the cargo ship which broke the Australian maritime guidelines and rules four times since August 2013 has finally been barred from entering Australia

A cargo ship is designed to do many tasks in one go. It can be a container ship, bulk load carrier and tanker etc, but  to follow the international maritime guidelines and standards is necessary for any ship. These international safety standards contain maintain construction standard and equipment.

These standards are designed by maritime authorities and globally recognized. It is severely believed that all ships follow the rules for safe navigation and access to any port in the globe. Ship care and safety requirements for all cargo ships vary dependent on the size and capacity and operating requirements of the ship.

An Indonesian general cargo ship has recently been forbidden from entrance to any port in Australia until December 16, 2015 by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA). The ship was held at Port Alma, a strategic port run by the Gladstone Ports Corporation. This directive has been issued after being held for non obedience causes four times since August 2013.

The Ship Noah Satu has broken the Australian guidelines four times. The owner of the ship is PT Anugerah Samudra Indomakur and PT Adnyana is answerable for working the ship. Both these corporations are Indonesian. Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) imposed the prohibition due to the disobedience of safety regulations and ship compliance standard. In depth scrutiny showed that the safety management system of the ship was insufficient to obey with the compulsory rules. Apart from this it also had these faults:-

Inappropriate route plans

Outdated safety equipment which may posture severe risk

Contaminated food on the ship

Wrong route planning on the ship

Inappropriate process of oil and garbage treatment

Failing to undertake enclosed space entry drills

Unauthorized machinery structure

Australian maritime safety authority has the highest standards of ship checking. Following the safety regulations it is very rare for ships arriving in Australian waters to be forbidden. But Noah Satu is the fifth ship ever that has been banished. Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) considers any breaks of international shipping standards extremely serious will bar entrance of any ship that is  unable to fulfill the Australian Maritime standards.

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