Advantages of Sending Cargo through Ocean

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17 Jan 2017
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Sea Freight

Your cargo can reach its destination in a cheap yet secure way.

One of the many ways through which one can send cargo to Pakistan is through ocean. There are vast channels that connect countries to one another through oceans and canals. Now days there are many canals that are developed to send the cargo in a short time as before and it is helping the freighters to wipe off the notion that by ocean the cargo will take more time to reach its destination.

Ocean freight enjoys many advantages and attracts traders to use this medium for transport of goods.

Containers for Every Use:

One of the many advantages of ocean freight is that it offers separate containers for every type of good to be transported. Whether it is a living animal or a thing it will reach the destination with safety guaranteed. Sending cargo by ocean gives you many choices to preserve your goods. Even cars and heavy vehicles can be sending through sea with multi-storied container.

The temperature sensitive containers with temperature regulation can preserve the goods that have very limited shelf life and need to be maintained at a particular temperature. Flat containers provide a very good choice to send large heavy goods that cannot be loaded easily otherwise. Other containers like open-sided container, one door container, sliding door container, high-temperature container, open roof containers all offers different uses and gives choice to the consumer to send their cargo according to its nature.

Shortening the Distances:

Obviously the ocean freight will take a little more time than the air cargo freight but now days there are certain canals and channels that are used to shorten the distance between the countries and the freight reaches its destination in around 7-8 days. This way the label of slow cargo transfer for sea cargo freight is proving to be wrong. The weather conditions are there that can disturb the schedule of the shipment but still it is there for any means of transport whether it is through air or road or train, any of these means can face the same situation and the delivery time will increase due to it.

 Cheap Way of Sending Cargo:

All over the world ocean freight is considered cheap mean of sending cargo through long distances. One can book a whole container or can share the container if the space utilized by the cargo is going to be less. The volume of the cargo will determine its rate and not its weight.

As the volume increases the rate increases. The one with small businesses find the rates very suitable to them and happily choose this means for the trade internationally.

Crew Facility:

There is a proper crew for every job always present on deck. It looks after the cargo in every way. Whether it is to regulate the temperature of the container or protect it from adverse conditions proposed by the weather, the crew is trained to do their job in the best way. From handling the cargo to Pakistan customs processes, the ship is always loaded with experienced crew to get over all the trade processes.

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